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Nevada DUI Arrest – Man Hits Tree, But Lucky

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Nevada DUI Arrest – Man Hits Tree, But Lucky

Here’s a DUI charge in Nevada that could have been worse. It could have been worse in any number of ways. It could have been, by the size of it, catastrophic for one or more people. We’re glad that it didn’t appear to have resulted in any kind of tragedy. We can also make this Nevada DUI better online with our click n fix standard of quick, effective, and economical tool. connects you online immediately with an experienced Nevada DUI attorney. And here’s a guy in this incident who sounds like he could sure use one. But we’ll stop burying the lede already and tell you about what was reported to have happened before we continue any further into how can help fight a Nevada DUI online.

Short story: a guy is booked on a DUI after totally his car. It does not appear to have injured or killed anyone. The Nevada DUI driver does not appear to have sustained enough injury to warrant immediate medical attention. Instead he was taken straight to lock up. Usually if there is any sign of injury they’ll take you to the hospital first to avoid any potential liability from refusing timely treatment. In any event, the longer story is that he got booked into the Washoe County jail after hitting a tree. But he didn’t just tag one close by on the side on a country or mountain road. He is reported to have jumped up on the curb before continuing over the sidewalk and beyond. It ended up hitting a tree that was just slightly away from a house. The driver is, according to news reports on this Nevada DUI crash, a man of 23 years to his name, which is said to be Oscar Zambrano. He was reported to have been driving a Hyundai.

Have you been booked for a DUI crash in Nevada? can help fight your Nevada DUI online with just one click. You can get started and contact an attorney any time day or night to begin the process of us handling it for you the best way possible. We’ll take care of your Nevada DUI and help you make the best out of a really difficult situation. DUI cases can be especially difficult and have huge potential to go sideways terribly quickly. Unless, that is, you have the right Nevada DUI attorney, which you can find at

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