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New, More Cops May Mean More Las Vegas Speeding Tickets

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New, More Cops May Mean More Las Vegas Speeding Tickets

More cops, more cops, ever more cops being added to give you a speeding ticket in Las Vegas, or so many other things. Doesn’t it seem like we just went through a local tax increase for more police? That one was aimed at putting patrol cars out there (with officers in them, of course) and if memory serves was all about, or at least mostly about, preventing fatal vehicle crashes in Las Vegas. That also meant that the Las Vegas Metro Police force would soon be responding again to non injury accidents in the Las Vegas area. Well, now another More Cops bill has been signed, sealed, and delivered. The piece of legislation, formally known as the Crime Prevention Act of 2016, was another bill that the legislature passed in a special session. It was also yet another bill that they, the legislature, didn’t pass outright, but made as “enabling” legislation. No, not enabling in the sense of unwittingly contributing to a vice like drugs, enabling in that it allowed the Clark County Commission to raise the tax if it wanted to. Some on one side of the political spectrum might call that enabling in the vice sense of the word too, now that we mention it. Here, from a Las Vegas Sun article on this bill meant to add officers and may mean more speeding tickets for Las Vegas drivers:

“The commission voted unanimously to enact a 0.1 percentage-point sales tax increase to pay for more than 300 additional police officers.

The tax increase will generate an estimated $39.2 million in new revenue each year, police officials said. Of that amount, about $7.9 million will go toward hiring 66 officers to patrol areas in and around the Las Vegas Strip and downtown. The remaining $31.3 million will be distributed to local police agencies to hire a combined 245 officers to serve in the community.

 . . .

The additional officers will help boost Metro Police’s staffing ratio closer to two officers per every 1,000 residents, department leaders said.”

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