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Thanksgiving DUI in Las Vegas Ruins the Holiday

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Thanksgiving DUI in Las Vegas Ruins the Holiday

Thanksgiving is a day of celebration, for most people living in the United States of America, anyway. It is a day abounding with the Three Fs: food, family and football. While the roots of Thanksgiving may be somewhat less glowing and uniformly happy than most of us realize, that’s also how history works in a lot of ways. Regardless of what it was or wasn’t, it is now what it is: a feast and a long weekend of celebration. Of course for some they head straight from being thankful for what they have to throwing punches in the line to check out during Black Friday sales events, but that also is another story.

However, there are also those of us who like to celebrate with a little alcohol as well as our food on Thanksgiving (most adults are probably in this category). Police have a tendency of setting up DUI checkpoints in Las Vegas for this very reason, since there are a number of Las Vegas vehicle accidents related to it. That almost always lends itself to at least a few people getting arrested for driving under the influence in Nevada on an otherwise celebratory evening. This is a truly unfortunate way to spend an evening: sitting in a jail cell in Clark County after being arrested for DUI in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving or one of the days around it. It certainly takes a lot of the “giving thanks” out of the holiday.

Not to worry, though, with you can fight a Las Vegas DUI online while most law firms are shuttered for the holiday. Put some basic information into our online system and our Las Vegas DUI defense lawyers will get started right away. You can at least rest easy over the next few days knowing you’re connected with a top DUI attorney in Nevada. We know all the tricks and tips to check first to see if we can get you out of the DUI altogether. If it can be thrown out through any number of technicalities or misreadings, we’ll get it done and have it completely off your record. If not, and our top Las Vegas DUI lawyers will get you the absolute best deal possible in a plea bargain, and help you keep the worst off your permanent record. At we know just how helpless you can feel facing this – so don’t face a DUI charge in Las Vegas alone, let help you fight it online and with ease.

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