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More Voices Against Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints

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More Voices Against Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints in Las Vegas and across the country are really not an efficient or effective means of keeping the roads safe, at least according to a fairly recent piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal. The piece covers the usual range of arguments that we have all seen in recent years. The officers it ties up from doing other patrols. The ease with which drivers who are impaired can avoid the checkpoints. The level of difficulty in even being able to spot a drunk driver from just having them roll down their window for a moment, as opposed to seeing them driving out on the street. Contrary to the belief of many, they don’t breathalyze everyone who goes through the checkpoint, only the ones who they suspect. That means visible intoxication, smell of alcohol, or other factors that alert police to possible suspicious activity. Then there’s the number of people who are inconvenienced  by the checkpoints themselves. Add to that the people who are out driving on the rest of the roads that do not have as many patrols because of the number of officers needed to man a checkpoint, and you get some real problems. can help with the problems if they include a Las Vegas DUI arrest or any other traffic violation. We specialize in quick service that is conducted over the internet for your convenience, though we are happy to speak with you in whatever format is preferable to you. is the best way to handle a Las Vegas DUI day or night.

We applaud and appreciate the need to keep streets safe, especially given the number of vehicle and pedestrian injuries in Las Vegas recently. We also know and have set up to be an advocate for people arrested for DUI in Las Vegas – everyone deserves the full coverage of the law. is committed to helping you with your Las Vegas DUI charge.

Here are some interesting tidbits from that recent piece we mentioned up top:

“More than 70 percent of drunken driving fatalities are caused by hardcore offenders with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 or above — i.e. almost twice the legal limit. These are the drivers that roving patrol officers should actively seek out and pull over before they reach a checkpoint. It’s easier for an officer to judge impairment by driving habits (not using a signal, swerving, not staying in the lane, etc.) than by looking at a driver’s face in a stationary vehicle at a checkpoint. (Remember, only a small fraction of those stopped at checkpoints are actually breathalyzed.)”

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