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Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas for 1mph Over the Limit

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Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas for 1mph Over the Limit

Most people think you’re fine if you’re going five miles per hour or less over the speed limit. They believe there is a “grace speed” where cops won’t really stop you, much less write you a ticket. This is just not the case. Yes, it’s true that usually, on a normal day and in normal conditions, officers will not pull you over nor will they issue you a ticket for driving less than five miles per hour over the speed limit. But as we can attest to, as can our clients, that doesn’t mean that’s always the case. We have handled cases for our clients where they were ticketed for under five miles per hour over the speed limit, and there are stories like this of Las Vegas speeding tickets for going just one mile per hour over the limit. Is it common? No. Is it something we see all the time? No. But that doesn’t mean it never happens. Perhaps the most common reason it happens is due to conditions. Speed limits are set a “best case” circumstance numbers where that is meant to be the fastest you are allowed to go in ideal conditions. No traffic, clear weather, no other factors. If it’s raining outside, police have every reason to ticket you for going well below the posted speed limit. We of course know that rain is not exactly common in the Las Vegas valley, but it happens. When it does, it often floods. Another common factor would be traffic. Officers may pull you over and ticket you for going too fast for the traffic flow, particularly if you’re weaving in and out of lanes to try to make it through the crush in the fastest time possible. Night time or other low visibility conditions can also be ways officer look to bust you.

Fortunately, anything like that that is up to interpretation is also up to counter argument. specializes in helping people in these instances fight their Las Vegas speeding ticket online. We can get it thrown out if there is any way to within the realm of possibility. If not, we’ll get you the best plea deal possible, tailored to your specific needs. Maybe you’d prefer more of a fine and fewer points on your license or a shorter time with a revoked license. Maybe you’d prefer to do traffic school, and it makes the most sense to do that. No matter what is best for you, we’ll fight for it. Best of all, you can handle everything online in most cases.

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