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If you can’t avoid a red light violation in Las Vegas, fight it online

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If you can’t avoid a red light violation in Las Vegas, fight it online

The best way to fight a red light ticket in Las Vegas is to not get one in the first place. Sounds silly, but of course it’s the truth. However, for many of you that isn’t an option – in which case, fight a Las Vegas red light violation ticket online with We’ll give you some tips below to avoid them in the future, but if you’ve got one, you are well past that. So for now, you will need a good ticket attorney. connects you with one, and lets you take care of your citation without having to visit our offices or go to traffic court in the vast majority of instances. Doesn’t that sound nice, fighting your Las Vegas ticket for running a red light online, any time? That is why our clients love because it connects them with a traffic attorney and gets a legal professional on the case while they move on with their lives.

How to avoid getting a red light ticket in Nevada is another thing entirely, and here is some good advice from the good folks over at the Zero Fatalities campaign:

“In Nevada, as in other states, the main reason for all the unsafe driving at intersections is simple: people are in a hurry. Too often, the traffic signal’s yellow light has come to symbolize “hurry up” instead of “prepare to stop.”


  • Slow down.
  • Stop on red and look right before turning on green.
  • Look both ways before entering an intersection.
  • Signal every turn and lane change.
  • Make a complete stop at traffic signals and stop signs.
  • Yield to other drivers and to bicyclists and pedestrians.


You are allowed to turn right on a red light after coming to a full stop, unless otherwise posted. You must be in the extreme right-hand lane and yield to pedestrians and all traffic moving through the intersection.

For left turns, more and more intersections have flashing yellow arrows. Here’s how they work:

  • When flashing, a vehicle is allowed to cautiously enter an intersection only to make the turn indicated by the arrow, but the driver must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, then proceed with caution.
  • After it flashes, the yellow arrow becomes steady (non-flashing) or a green arrow. Treat the steady yellow arrow just like a standard yellow light—prepare to stop or safely clear the intersection before the red light appears.”
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