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Super Bowl DUI Arrest Focus in Henderson

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Super Bowl DUI Arrest Focus in Henderson

You had to know this post was coming. As predicable a post as there is for an online DUI attorney to know about, especially in Henderson and the rest of the Las Vegas valley. Football and beer are fairly synonymous enough to begin with. But you throw in the biggest of football games in the biggest sports gambling city and the biggest party city in general, and you have really got to worry anyway about a DUI enforcement presence for this night. Sure enough, they were out in force to arrest Las Vegas drivers for DUI. We haven’t yet seen anything about the final numbers. But we did see this report about the Henderson DUI arrest push from not only Henderson police but other law enforcement agencies in the area. If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Henderson or anywhere else in the Las Vegas area, fight it online with Our 24 hour service connects you with a Nevada DUI traffic attorney who can make the best for you out of a scary and sometimes ugly situation. We get tickets and arrests thrown out, knocked down, shortened, points reduced, and everything possible to make your life better.

An interesting sign of the times is the other thing that police with be looking for is DWS as some refer to it as, perhaps you know it better as driving stoned. That’s the same for most legal purposes as an alcohol DUI. The same is true for prescription medicine as well. That is we believe part of why it isn’t really referred to as DWI anymore people it’s more than about the “intoxicated” therein at this point. Check out this blurb from the news on Henderson DUI:

“No matter how many times people are told to not don’t drink and drive, many don’t get the message.

In 2016, police say there were 42 fatal alcohol-related crashes in Clark County. Three of those happened in Henderson.

Police are also keeping an eye out for drivers who may be using marijuana since recreational usage of the drug is now legal. In addition to the increased patrols in Henderson, metro will also be taking extra steps including a DUI checkpoint in on Sunday”

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