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Traffic, Speeding in Las Vegas

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Traffic, Speeding in Las Vegas

Basically, a new report says we should stop complaining, and those of you speeding in Las Vegas because traffic made you late are just whiny. Yeah, we don’t like these people either. Also, that’s not totally what the report said – that’s a just our little tongue in cheek short explanation. The real point of the study, and subsequent news coverage around it, was ranking different cities in the United States in terms of traffic and travel. How far away do people live from where they work? How long do they spend sitting in traffic, how long is their commute, these are the types of questions this survey set out to elucidate for the general public. And the word is, that Las Vegas is actually pretty well off, comparatively, in terms of our traffic. No, no one likes to sit in a parking lot on Interstate 15 when a Las Vegas car crash is blocking three lanes. Yes, everyone wants lights here and there timed better and merges to just be simple already! But at least according to this report we are doing okay, at least for major metro areas.

What’s not OK is getting a speeding ticket in Las Vegas because you did get stuck in traffic and then you were trying to make up time. Really any speeding ticket in Las Vegas in general, for whatever reason, can ruin your day or night. That’s where can help. Our online service will fight your Las Vegas speeding ticket totally online. Maybe you can afford to just send the ticket in with a check. But maybe you think you were unfairly ticketed, you can’t afford more points on your license, you don’t think the fine is correct or warranted, or all of the above. That’s why having top traffic attorneys in Las Vegas fight the ticket for you, and doing it online so you don’t have to visit our offices and you can avoid Las Vegas traffic court, that’s fantastic. That’s why we do what we do, to make your life easier.

Some detail from the article that made us think of speeding in Las Vegas:

“Perhaps not surprisingly, the world’s most congested roads are in Los Angeles, where commuters spent about 104 hours during peak traffic times in 2016. Moscow drivers came in second with 91 hours spent in traffic, followed by New York commuters with 89 hours, according to the traffic scorecard compiled by Inrix.

Bogota, Colombia, ranked fifth, followed by Sao Paulo, Brazil. Other cities in the world’s top 10: London, Atlanta, Paris and Miami.

Las Vegas ranked as the 52nd most congested city in the U.S. Being stuck in traffic cost the average Las Vegas driver $1,022 last year and roughly $715 million combined for the region, Inrix found.”

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