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Las Vegas speeding ticket, don’t try to outrun them

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Las Vegas speeding ticket, don’t try to outrun them

If you are being stopped for speeding in Las Vegas it is a good idea to stop. We know that speeding tickets in Las Vegas are no fun. We have had our fair share, and helped plenty of people fight a Las Vegas Speeding ticket online. That, of course, is what does, and does best. We know better than most that you can, in fact, fight Las Vegas speeding tickets and fight them online. We also know that hands down it is easier to fight a lower ticket after the fact than to try to run from the police and end up with a number of other tickets and usually causes for arrest to fight after the fact. Do not get us wrong, we can help you either way – if you pulled over immediately when you saw the flashing lights, or if you took police on a high speed chase and ended up with a raft of charges to fight in addition to your Las Vegas speeding which you would have gotten anyway, and now have to try to get out of so, so much more. was built, after all, to help fight Las Vegas speeding tickets, even if it involved an accident like a Las Vegas motor vehicle injury.

What makes us think of this is the recent news as reported in the Las Vegas Sun on this speeding ticket and arrest (April 10, 2017), online story via the Associated Press,

“A Nye County sheriff’s spokesman says two people from the Seattle area are jailed in Las Vegas on multiple charges after their arrests during the weekend following a two-county vehicle chase.”

Now this just ended up even more badly for the people in the vehicle. A 30 year old and a 22 year old were arrested. Both were from Washington State. The vehicle they were said to have been arrested in was a Ford Taurus. The arrest eventually happened on the 95 freeway in the vicinity of Indian Springs. The numerous additional charges include some drug charges like paraphernalia, possession of controlled substances (drugs), driving without a valid license, eluding a police officer, and, of course original sin, speeding near Las Vegas. helps you fight Las Vegas speeding tickets online, as well as being able to fight basically any other traffic infraction or violation for you, including charges for driving under the influence (DUI), running a red light, and so much more. Contact us today to get started with fighting your Las Vegas speeding ticket online.

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