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Speeding Tickets in Las Vegas Push Nevada To Poor Driving Rank

By | 2016-08-19T22:25:05-07:00 August 19th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Speeding|Tags: , |

Speeding tickets in Nevada are part of why many rankings have Nevada as one of the worst states for driving. Or rather, this helps us hit the ranking for some of the worst drivers out there, across the country. Does that sound right to you? Depends in part on how you measure it, as with everything. Yes, there are a lot of issues on Nevada roads. Las Vegas and the rest of the valley have some serious issues with accidents, speeding tickets, driving under the influence, and any number of other issues. But in some part, we’re a victim of others. While many states have bad drivers just by virtue of being bad drivers, Las Vegas gets everyone else’s bad drivers. And we get them on vacation, without a care in the world, in a rental car, not knowing where they are going. That’s right, we said it: a part of our bad rating has to be from the tourists. Look, we’re Las Vegas traffic ticket attorneys. We get it as much or probably more than anyone. Las Vegans have their share of speeding tickets to fight online and we help them with it. knows the numbers because we [...]

Henderson Speeding Ticket Bonanza

By | 2016-08-14T22:46:31-07:00 August 14th, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

Received a speeding ticket in Henderson, Nevada? You are not alone, you are not anywhere near alone, especially if it happened in the last couple of weeks. On top of speeding tickets issues by the Nevada Highway Patrol, hundreds of other citations were handed out for various infractions such as distracted driving in Henderson, cell phone violations, seat belt violations, revoked or suspended licenses, and more. We’ll break down the numbers and give the specifics in a moment, but one big point sticks out for us. These are just the numbers released by the Nevada Highway Patrol, according to news accounts of this speeding enforcement in Henderson. The Henderson Police Department was also in on this, and they haven’t even released their numbers or had them counted in this total as released by the NHP. If you’re given a speeding ticket in Henderson, Nevada, or anywhere else across the Las Vegas Valley and want to fight it online visit today your ticket fix is just one click away. From the news report, it looks like this enforcement focus was going on for about two weeks. It began on July 22 and continued through to the 8th of August. We’re [...]

Different Kinds of Nevada Careless Driving Citations

By | 2016-08-09T01:41:59-07:00 August 9th, 2016|Categories: Careless Driving, Online Legal Services|Tags: , |

Though we are mostly an online traffic ticket service for Las Vegas and the surrounding area, we still follow traffic law all over the state. Good ideas spread, and sometimes bad ideas spread even more quickly. So we perked our ears up when we saw news of a new Nevada traffic law going into effect in Reno. What are our urban compatriots up north up to these days? They’re making a separate traffic offense for careless driving in Nevada, if only inside their Reno city limits. Additions to the no no list include eating, doing any kind of makeup or face pruning including but not limited to shaving, and more. The actual infraction that this has become is called “Inattentive Driving” and also includes the heinous act of brushing your teeth. At least according to some reports, kids distracting you is also a newly leveled traffic violation under this new provision. Even Fido and Katty Cat are not immune from being the proximal causes of this statute. It’s not a cheap Nevada traffic citation, either, running up to and including three hundred and five dollars. It’s not surprising that the list of banned and newly harsher penalized activities includes doing [...]

Watch Out for Construction Zone Speeding Tickets in Summerlin

By | 2016-07-31T23:30:03-07:00 July 31st, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , , |

Watch out for speeding tickets in construction zones on Summerlin Parkway in Las Vegas this summer. There’s some work going in there, but not necessarily the work that everyone, or at least a lot of people, were hoping for. There was a planned road expansion for Summerlin Parkway before the great recession that stalled with the cuts and budget crunches. It will likely remain stalled. According to the Road Warrior blog on all things traffic related like speeding tickets in Las Vegas, it will be a while. From a recent blog on that site: “Originally, the full build-out of Summerlin Parkway called for three general-purpose traffic lanes in each direction between the Beltway and U.S. Highway 95, with a carpool lane in each direction up to Rampart Boulevard, city spokeswoman Margaret Kurtz said. If the project is ever completed, most of that widening would wipe out the current open median along most of Summerlin Parkway. As a result, the city would have to build a concrete barrier to separate opposing traffic lanes, similar to what you see on most freeways. Those improvements have a hefty $100 million price-tag — money that Kurtz said the city doesn’t have right now.” So [...]

DUI Laws in Las Vegas, The News, and The NFL

By | 2016-07-27T00:20:13-07:00 July 27th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Marijuana DUI|Tags: |

Our attorneys at follow traffic and DUI laws in the news rather obsessively. Recently that includes a lot of marijuana DUI news in Las Vegas and across the country. There is of course that ballot question coming up in November to fully legalize it for recreational use. It has been legal in Nevada for over a decade for medical use. You can quibble with that figure though because it’s been a whole lot less time that it’s been more than just theoretical in availability. Marijuana is also getting lots of national attention for everything from research availability and data to stories about its way overboard focus in the National Football League. The NFL goes out of its way to test players and sanction and stigmatize them for use of marijuana. Many find this somewhat baffling in an industry so reliant on and in constant use of prescription pain medication that is orders of magnitude more powerful. A prominent writer on CBS Sports has a long piece just recently up on their website calling for an end to marijuana testing, or at least drastically cutting the testing down to a reasonable level, and treating it much less seriously and only [...]

The Law on Cell Phones Driving and Traffic Tickets

By | 2016-07-25T23:15:31-07:00 July 25th, 2016|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , |

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the laws around Nevada cell phone tickets. This is a relatively new area of law, as far as laws go, having been on the books only since 2011. There are some gems buried in there, but one of the big ones is what is not in there. There is no particular carve out for using your cell phone while stopped at a traffic light. Remember that, as you make your way around the valley, and contact if you get a Nevada cell phone ticket. This is typically a Nevada distracted driving ticket which you can fight online with Our easy to use online system has everything you need. NRS 484B.165  Using handheld wireless communications device to type or enter text, send or read data, engage in nonvoice communication or engage in voice communications without use of hands-free device unlawful; exceptions; penalty; additional penalty for violation in work zone or pedestrian safety zone. 1.  Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person shall not, while operating a motor vehicle on a highway in this State: (a) Manually type or enter text into a cellular telephone or other handheld wireless communications device, or send or read [...]

Grant Funded Clark County Traffic Ticket Focus Underway

By | 2016-07-25T00:56:50-07:00 July 25th, 2016|Categories: General Ticket Info|Tags: , |

The Joining Forces grant is at it again. There’s a major effort underway now until the end of the month to ticket Clark County drivers for just about anything they can find. Here’s what the Joining Forces grant is about, from the program’s own site: “Joining Forces is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement program that promotes traffic safety by targeting impaired or distracted driving, pedestrian safety, speeding and seat belt use. Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death in the United States and most crashes are preventable.  Through scheduled Joining Forces events, Nevada law enforcement agencies aim to increase awareness for traffic safety and modify risky behavior, thereby preventing accidents and saving lives.” The bulk of our law firm practice is devoted to speeding ticket representation. Radar and following are the primary means of police engagement to nail a speeder. The majority of speeding tickets issued are for the minor offense of: BASIC SPEED 1-10 mph over the speed limit. What does this mean? It means the officer likely caught you speeding over that amount, but graciously gave you a discount—or so they said. Basic speeding means you were traveling over the 65 mph doing 75 or [...]

Cell Phone Ticket in Nevada — Distracted Driving

By | 2016-07-23T01:36:15-07:00 July 23rd, 2016|Categories: Distraction on the Road: Texting|Tags: , |

Distracted Driving is the name of the most recent gain for a current enforcement focus that the Nevada Highway Patrol is presently in the midst of. In pushing out press info on this program, spokespeople for the highway patrol discussed the first day’s haul of 90 tickets written for distracted driving in Nevada. That’s a whole lot of people’s days just really sent in a very different direction than they were likely hoping. We certainly understand the need for police action to curb the number of nasty car crashes on Nevada’s highways, we prefer to fight for the people who are given tickets and to help them fight Clark County distracted driving citations online. One thing that the spokesperson highlighted that may not be widely known is that smart watches can get you that same cell phone ticket if you’re dialing or really using it at all. They are all the same thing: a Nevada distracted driving violation. And even if they didn’t, it would be a moot point as the spokesperson mentioned that it is treated like a cellular device in their eyes anyway. The spokesperson, by the way, is one Jason Buratczuk, a trooper with the NHP. Beyond [...]

DUI Law in Nevada

By | 2016-07-22T02:01:04-07:00 July 22nd, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , |

Laws around DUI in Nevada are complicated. This is not particularly different state to state, though the particular complications may vary here and there. To give you a sense of what your top DUI attorneys at have to just know at a basic level, here’s a sampling of the basic law for DUI in Nevada, straight from the statute itself. Feel free to skip if you like, this is just for example purposes: “PROHIBITED ACTS NRS 484C.110        Unlawful acts; affirmative defense; additional penalty for violation committed in work zone or pedestrian safety zone. [Effective until the date of the repeal of the federal law requiring each state to make it unlawful for a person to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or greater as a condition to receiving federal funding for the construction of highways in this State.] NRS 484C.110        Unlawful acts; affirmative defense; additional penalty for violation committed in work zone or pedestrian safety zone. [Effective on the date of the repeal of the federal law requiring each state to make it unlawful for a person to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or greater as a condition [...]

Las Vegas DUI and Much, Much More

By | 2016-07-20T00:14:44-07:00 July 20th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News|Tags: |

Even officers of the law have their problems with Nevada Highway Patrol or the Las Vegas Metro Police when they are off duty. Now, there are certainly plenty of pieces of anecdotal evidence that off duty cops do get favorable treatment from their brothers in blue. This is not terribly surprising on a certain level, as it happens in any industry. Bartenders give free drinks to other bartenders, contractors help each other out, doctors help each other out, it is a common refrain. However, the folks who enforce the laws are not supposed to go easy on anyone more than another. At least in this recent case it appears that they did not. The off duty cop was hit was a DUI charge in Las Vegas, as well as a whole host of other offenses both big and small. From the recent news report on the Las Vegas DUI arrest, here is the list as initially reported: Felony DUI with substantial bodily harm Felony leaving the scene of a crash Two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run property damage Three counts of misdemeanor failure to use due care Three counts misdemeanor failure to give information or render aid Misdemeanor failure to drive [...]

Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas Construction Zones

By | 2016-06-26T22:40:57-07:00 June 26th, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , , |

There’s a new Road Warrior blogger for the Las Vegas Review Journal. There’s been a lot of turnover at that paper and online news source recently due to the purchase of the company by Sheldon Adelson and his family. Adelson, if you’re new to the area or just don’t follow this kind of news, is the owner of the Sands Corporation, which owns the Sands, Venetian, and a number of other gaming properties in Las Vegas and across the globe. The Sands Corporation’s Macau gaming operation is of particular note as it is one of the company’s biggest money makers. Adelson is a billionaire, and incredibly politically active. He is predominantly a donor to Republican candidates and super PACs (political action committees), and never just sitting back and letting the world pass by, but always trying to influence it. For instance, he is currently trying to get the Oakland Raider’s National Football League team to relocate to Las Vegas, through a complicated financing scheme to build a stadium in part on taxpayer subsidies. But enough about all that, as it is somewhat tangential (read: totally out of left field) for this blog. This blog is about speeding tickets in Las [...]

Las Vegas Metro Police Announce DUI Checkpoint for Tonight

By | 2016-06-22T03:49:15-07:00 June 22nd, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , |

Underage drinking is the focus of an upcoming Las Vegas DUI checkpoint that will be run tonight (Thursday). From the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s press release on the checkpoint, the details they have released are as follows: “The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau along with Officers from the Area Commands will be conducting a “sobriety checkpoint” in the Las Vegas Valley. This event will focus on both drug and/or alcohol impaired drivers in the hope of reducing the impact of impaired drivers and impaired related crashes. This checkpoint is being supported by the EUDL, Enforcing Under Age Drinking Laws, grant. The checkpoint will be conducted on Thursday June 23, 2016 between the hours of 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. The location selected for the checkpoint will be in the Las Vegas Valley on a roadway that has had 26 events, drunk drivers and traffic accidents in the last six months. The checkpoint will focus on identifying drug and alcohol impaired drivers to include juveniles, young adults, and older adults, before they get involved in a collision, thereby increasing the safety for all Southern Nevada motorists. This event symbolizes the commitment of LVMPD toward reducing the number of [...]

Extra Speeding Tickets in Mesquite and Other Nevada Cities Through June

By | 2016-06-19T23:13:06-07:00 June 19th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Speeding|Tags: , |

Extra emphasis on issuing Nevada speeding tickets is being put on highways across the Las Vegas Valley over the next several weeks. If you guessed a Joining Forces Grant was going to be mentioned next, you are the big winner winner chicken dinner. Hopefully you haven’t gotten here and been reading this and guessed that because you got a speeding ticket in Mesquite, Nevada, or Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas for that matter. Those are the areas (and yes that is a very wide geographic area) that will have extra emphasis beyond the normal placed on issuing speeding tickets over the next several weeks. If you are reading this because you got a speeding ticket in Mesquite and want to fight it online has your hassle free way to get out of your speeding ticket. Click-n-fix is our motto – we have the best online resource for dealing with speeding tickets, and traffic tickets of any kind, from the comfort and ease of your own home. If you’re going to pay an attorney to help you fight a speeding ticket why should you have to drive all the way across town to the office of [...]

Rankings Leave Out Nevada Traffic Tickets

By | 2016-06-14T23:48:50-07:00 June 14th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , |

What’s the best state to drive in? For anyone who has recently gotten a traffic ticket in Nevada, the answer is probably “somewhere else.” True probably no matter where you get a traffic ticket -- nobody, nobody likes getting a traffic ticket. But truly, beyond just personal and incidental temporal reasoning, it is interesting to see rankings of where the best and worst places to drive are, even if just to refine our own ideas and come up with our own ranking systems based on the flaws we see in others’ methodology. A recent ranking of all 50 states was recently released by This online car insurance provider had some very interesting ranking systems that are not necessarily totally on board with for various reasons, including that the Nevada traffic tickets were not included in the rankings. Here’s what was included: Insurance -- Percent car insurance is of median household income Uninsured drivers -- Estimated percent of uninsured drivers Traffic fatalities -- Annual traffic deaths per 100,000 population Roads -- Percent of roads in poor/mediocre condition Bridges -- Percent of bridges deemed structurally deficient Repair costs -- Estimated extra cost of car repair due to driving on bad roads Gas -- Average price of a [...]

Fight Bicycle Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas Online, Too

By | 2016-06-11T01:19:16-07:00 June 11th, 2016|Categories: Bicycle Ticket, Traffic Ticket|Tags: , , |

As tourists and locals alike begin to gear up for the World Naked Bike Ride Las Vegas (“gear” up very much intended, by the way), it is important to remember that bicycles are motor vehicles in terms of how they’re generally considered by law and by Las Vegas bicycling ticket law. Most if not all of the rules carry in almost every case with a few exceptions. For instance, if you’re off your bike and walking it you can be treated as a pedestrian for things like the crosswalk, sidewalk and other walkways, and more. When your feet are on the pedals and or your butt is on the seat and the bike is moving you are more often than not treated as a vehicle for ticketing and legal reasons. That’s why helps not just cars and trucks but also bicyclists fight Las Vegas traffic tickets online. We handle all types of infractions and more serious actions you can commit as an operator of a moving vehicle or even as a pedestrian. If it comes from a method of transportation, be it your feet or a skateboard all the way up to a mack truck and you’ve been given [...]

North Las Vegas Pedestrian Violation Tickets Rising

By | 2016-06-05T23:26:23-07:00 June 5th, 2016|Categories: Online Legal Services, Traffic Ticket|Tags: , |

If you received a traffic ticket in North Las Vegas for a pedestrian violation recently, you’re not alone. This is a traffic ticket that could be one of two broad types: a moving violation in or on a vehicle, or a violation as a pedestrian being unsafe. Pedestrians can be traffic safety violators in any number of ways. Crossing the street mid block is one way pedestrians can be ticketed in Nevada. Crossing against a clear pedestrian do not walk sign is one that police can ticket you for. You can be subject to any number of violations if you’re walking impaired and cause some kind of accident, or even if you just look like you might. is the online way to fix a pedestrian violation ticket in North Las Vegas without the hassle of, well, of so many things. Hassles come in all different shapes and sizes with traffic tickets. At a minimum if you’re looking to fight it by yourself a pedestrian ticket will generally need at least two visits to court. The first is an arraignment hearing, then another date is set if you’re going to fight the charges. Just right there, in time spent visiting [...]

Boating DUI on Lake Mead Not Uncommon

By | 2016-06-01T00:16:54-07:00 June 1st, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , , |

If you received a Nevada DUI on Lake Mead over the weekend, you’re not alone. In the summer months police are always out in force on the lakes looking to hand out arrests for driving under the influence on a watercraft. Law enforcement pays special attention on big weekends like this past one: Memorial Day. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is the primary agency responsible for patrolling Lake Mead, and the game wardens at that agency are responsible for safety on the lake. Whether it be hilarious sounding violations like people have their legs over the side of the boat and in the water as the boat is moving (that’s an actual reckless operation violation!) to people driving drunk on their boats in Nevada, these guys are on the lookout. If you’ve been ticketed or arrested for any boating violations in Nevada, is still the place to go to fight the charges online, even though obviously our main focus is violations on roadways we still know and understand these types of violations as well since they are moving violations, and we can fight them for you. Boating DUIs in Nevada are not always as rough of a charge as [...]

AAA Calls for Changes to Nevada Marijuana DUI Laws

By | 2016-05-28T23:44:12-07:00 May 28th, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , |

Have you received a DUI for marijuana in Nevada when you weren’t high at all, but had smoked or consumed THC in some other way in the days or even weeks before the arrest? If so, you’re not alone. The test for marijuana impairment in Nevada has been and continues to be roundly criticized as not reflective of impairment or even recent use. This isn’t uncommon across the country, as War on Drugs hysteria gave way years ago to harsh and often not at all fact based assessments of impairment. In Nevada marijuana DUI is measured by what is called a “per se” level, that is, a level of the substance THC in your blood. That exact amount is two nanograms per milliliter, or more. Many, many people from scientists to DUI researchers say this bears no relevance to impairment. And now, the car insurer (and so much more) AAA agrees that marijuana DUI laws need to be changed. If you’ve received a DUI for marijuana in Las Vegas and want to fight it online, is the place to go to connect with a top lawyer for impaired driving. A recent article on AAA calling for changes in marijuana [...]

Over 17,000 Las Vegas Speeding Tickets This Year

By | 2016-05-22T00:39:07-07:00 May 22nd, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

Las Vegas Metro Police are issuing a lot of speeding tickets in the Las Vegas Valley this year. And by “a lot” we truly do mean a huge number. According to a spokesman for Metro, at least 17,000 Las Vegas speeding tickets have been issued by Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Traffic Division so far this year. Now, we here at have definitely seen evidence of an uptick in policing and issuance of tickets. We have seen that anecdotally just by the number of people who come to us to help them fix a Las Vegas speeding ticket online. The traffic attorneys at have fixed countless speeding tickets completely online for our customers, and know that, at least by the volume of folks we’ve helped so far this year, something has been going on. Well, now we know what that something is: extra enforcement. We have seen evidence of that anecdotally, too, with seemingly a new Joining Forces initiative seeming to be announced every day looking for people speeding or running red lights in Las Vegas, not wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, crosswalk or pedestrian violations, and more. But, other than [...]

Las Vegas DUIs Lead to Deportation

By | 2016-05-17T23:28:55-07:00 May 17th, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , , , |

What’s it worth to have a Las Vegas DUI charge dropped? It depends a lot on who you are. For everybody, it’s worth a pretty good amount. Amount of what, you ask? Amount of everything, for starters. Fines and court penalties and insurance increases and more can add up to significant costs right up front. Then there’s time – how much time it takes to deal with a charge for driving under the influence. How much time it takes to go to court and classes. How much time it can take if you get your license suspended or revoked and you have to take a bus or walk or bicycle, and let’s not even get started on how the summer months can go waiting at a bus stop or pedaling around on a bicycle. If you’ve gotten DUI in Las Vegas and want to fight it online, is the place to visit. We can make serious changes to how a DUI charge affects your life, or not – we’ll handle it so it’s as easy, quick, cheap, and overall painless as possible. For some people though, a DUI goes above and beyond the normal level of hassle. For these [...]