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Blog 2017-06-10T16:32:54-07:00

Las Vegas speeding ticket, don’t try to outrun them

If you are being stopped for speeding in Las Vegas it is a good idea to stop. We know that speeding tickets in Las Vegas are no fun. We have had our fair share, and helped plenty of people fight a Las Vegas Speeding ticket online. That, of course, is what does, and does best. We know better than most that you can, in fact, fight Las Vegas speeding tickets and fight them online. We also know that hands down it is easier to fight a lower ticket after the fact than to try to run from the police and end up with a number of other tickets and usually causes for arrest to fight after the fact. Do not get us wrong, we can help you either way – if you pulled over immediately when you saw the flashing lights, or if you took police on a high speed chase and ended up with a raft of charges to fight in addition to your Las Vegas speeding which you would have gotten anyway, and now have to try to get out of so, so much more. was built, after all, to help fight Las Vegas speeding tickets, [...]

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More Las Vegas Speeding Tickets, or non-Speeding

Frankly, it is about time somebody put this bill forward. By “this bill” we mean a fine for driving too slowly. Now, regular readers of our blog might be somewhat surprised at the whole construction of the beginning of this blog. We are, of course, a site that helps people fight Las Vegas speeding tickets online. We deal with people who are in trouble for going too fast. Therefore it might be surprising to hear us say (or write, as the case may be) that we are glad to see potentially people being fined for going too slowly. Normally that would not be something that our clients especially would be happy to hear about in the abstract: additional traffic fines. But let us face it: most of our clients are not going too slowly. By and large, we believe it would be fair to say that they would be irritated by those left lane campers, those people clogging up traffic. So, perhaps you can understand our interest in this bill. We will give you more info on it in a moment. But first, let us remind you that we at help our clients fight all kinds of Las Vegas [...]

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Proposed change to Nevada DUI law not going anywhere yet

In our ongoing quest to not only stay up to date ourselves, but to also keep you well informed, we have news that there is no news on a particular bill that is important to anyone convicted of a Nevada DUI. This Nevada DUI bill was recently covered in the Las Vegas Sun, if you want to read up on another summary of it. We follow it because that is our job. We are Nevada DUI lawyers who handle cases online as much as possible. That way we can save our clients time, and we can save our clients money. At this point, there really isn’t much to follow. Despite news coverage and some other pushes, the bill has gone nowhere. You can see on the link below that there are no scheduled hearings for the bill, it has not been heard, and certainly it has not been voted on. But we will continue to keep tabs on it, that’s what does. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Nevada contact for help right away. We stay on top of all the latest Nevada DUI laws so that you don’t have to. See below [...]

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Las Vegas Metro DUI checkpoint final numbers

The verdict is in, at least in so far as we now have numbers for DUI arrests in Las Vegas for one specific DUI checkpoint. This is the checkpoint we mentioned was coming over St. Patrick’s Day. And really, we didn’t need to mention it was coming, at least for regular readers of this blog. Big holidays, especially ones so intimately wound with drinking, always bring out a Las Vegas Metro Police checkpoint for driving under the influence. The numbers are in, and you can see them below in the Las Vegas Metro Police press release on the DUI checkpoint. The numbers are staggering, as always. Many people pass through, a large number are tested, but only a dozen arrested. As it says in the release, it took 38 police department staff members to man the checkpoint. gives you a convenient, online way to fight a DUI charge in Nevada. If you were charged that night, or any other night, visit us today. Driving under the influence convictions are expensive, time consuming, and hugely bothersome. We will make them go away completely if we can, and get them knocked down if we cannot get the charge fully dismissed. [...]

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Las Vegas DUI checkpoint for St. Paddy’s Day

Another major holiday means another Las Vegas DUI checkpoint. Below is the Las Vegas Metro Police press release on the checkpoint for this evening. It’s not really surprising, given how much this holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day, has come to be about drinking. But no matter what happens out there tonight, you know that is the absolute best way to fight a Las Vegas DUI online. We certainly understand and can appreciate Las Vegas Metro Police’ goal of cutting down on Las Vegas DUI vehicle crashes and injuries. However, for us, the person accused of driving under the influence is entitled to the best legal defense out there, and that is Now if you’re reading this, you’re likely past the point where the below information is useful. But what is useful is our website which lets you fight a Las Vegas DUI arrest online with top traffic attorneys. "The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau along with Officers from the area commands will be conducting a “Sobriety Checkpoint” in the Las Vegas Valley, on March 17, 2017. This checkpoint is being supported by a EUDL (Enforcing Under Age Drinking Laws) and Joining Forces grant. LVMPD Traffic and [...]

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Bill Heard to Change Marijuana DUI Arrest Testing

We’ve told you it was coming, and it has. It, in this case, is a bill to change how Nevada marijuana DUI arrests are made, based on how the DUI is calculated. Basically, almost everyone agrees that the way marijuana DUIs are measured in Nevada is worthless. You can be sober, and have been sober for quite some time, and still the test would consider you driving under the influence if you had used marijuana at all recently because the current test measures a level in your blood that does not correspond with impairment. Now, that test is still valid and still how you would be arrested right now. It’s important to remember that the law hasn’t changed yet, so if you’re arrested for a marijuana DUI in Nevada is the best online resource for you to get legal help with an arrest. We are available day or night. Best of all, stays up to date on all changes in the law, even ones that haven’t happened yet but are making their way through the legislature like this one. Remember that is the best way to fight a Nevada DUI, whether for marijuana, alcohol, or prescription drugs. [...]

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Beer saves driver from Las Vegas speeding ticket

This is certainly a unique way of getting out of a speeding ticket. Of all things, it was beer that got this driver out of a Las Vegas speeding ticket. These are not words we are used to writing, but read on if you will. A driver, pulled over by the police for speeding, expects a ticket. They will certainly and rightfully try to talk their way out. To use every different kind of line, excuse, emotional tinge to their story, bare honesty and apology, you name it. Sometimes that gets folks out of a traffic ticket, sometimes it does not. In reality it often has very little to do with whether a police officer will give you a warning or not. They will look up your driving history, judge by the conditions, and more. Sometimes it boils down to how they’re feeling that day, sometimes there are traffic ticket quotas and sometimes, yes, your tack and story and demeanor or something else can inspire a Las Vegas Metro Police traffic cop to ticket you for speeding, and sometimes it can get you out of one. But what got this person out of a Las Vegas speeding ticket was the [...]

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Traffic, Speeding in Las Vegas

Basically, a new report says we should stop complaining, and those of you speeding in Las Vegas because traffic made you late are just whiny. Yeah, we don’t like these people either. Also, that’s not totally what the report said – that’s a just our little tongue in cheek short explanation. The real point of the study, and subsequent news coverage around it, was ranking different cities in the United States in terms of traffic and travel. How far away do people live from where they work? How long do they spend sitting in traffic, how long is their commute, these are the types of questions this survey set out to elucidate for the general public. And the word is, that Las Vegas is actually pretty well off, comparatively, in terms of our traffic. No, no one likes to sit in a parking lot on Interstate 15 when a Las Vegas car crash is blocking three lanes. Yes, everyone wants lights here and there timed better and merges to just be simple already! But at least according to this report we are doing okay, at least for major metro areas. What’s not OK is getting a speeding ticket in Las [...]

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Las Vegas DUI numbers from checkpoint, Super Bowl

The numbers are out from at least on Las Vegas DUI checkpoint that was in place for the Super Bowl. The numbers, as they usually do, tend to lend ever more credence to the arguments of those who say that these are not the most effective means to catch drunk drivers. Now, our goal here at is to help people who have been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas. However, we still understand the Las Vegas Metro Police force’s point, and the Nevada-wide focus on drunk driving, as DUI accidents in Las Vegas can cause serious injury. But if they point is to prevent them, then there are statistically much better ways. Roving patrols, for instance, are shown to be “better’ at catching drunk drivers. If you’re arrested for DUI in Las Vegas and need to connect to a lawyer day or night, is the place for you to visit. Our service can help you make the best of this admittedly unpleasant situation. Our top DUI attorneys know Nevada law and Las Vegas police. If we can’t get the charge thrown out, we’ll get it reduced down as far as humanly possible. We stay on top of all [...]

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Super Bowl DUI Arrest Focus in Henderson

You had to know this post was coming. As predicable a post as there is for an online DUI attorney to know about, especially in Henderson and the rest of the Las Vegas valley. Football and beer are fairly synonymous enough to begin with. But you throw in the biggest of football games in the biggest sports gambling city and the biggest party city in general, and you have really got to worry anyway about a DUI enforcement presence for this night. Sure enough, they were out in force to arrest Las Vegas drivers for DUI. We haven’t yet seen anything about the final numbers. But we did see this report about the Henderson DUI arrest push from not only Henderson police but other law enforcement agencies in the area. If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Henderson or anywhere else in the Las Vegas area, fight it online with Our 24 hour service connects you with a Nevada DUI traffic attorney who can make the best for you out of a scary and sometimes ugly situation. We get tickets and arrests thrown out, knocked down, shortened, points reduced, and everything possible to make your life [...]

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More Las Vegas work zone speeding tickets coming

Remember to breathe deeply. Go to the bathroom before you leave. Don’t drink too many fluids on the drive. Have calming music, headphones or a Bluetooth so that you can make phone calls safely and legally, a snack, and some patience. More and more and even more road work is coming to Las Vegas, and it’s going to make the traffic problems we have already faced due to road construction look like child’s play. All of this is part of a broader project, Project Neon, that aims to cut down on traffic around the Las Vegas valley. But in the meantime, it will mean more traffic, as lanes are closed to allow for the construction. Above all, remember that Las Vegas speeding tickets will double in these work zones. There will be more officers checking speed, and out there to give you a work zone speeding ticket and ruin your day. It’s hard to not drive faster when you can when traffic is bad, because you have to get where you’re going. But it can be expensive. However, you can fight your Las Vegas work zone speeding ticket online with if you need to. We will make the ticket [...]

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If you can’t avoid a red light violation in Las Vegas, fight it online

The best way to fight a red light ticket in Las Vegas is to not get one in the first place. Sounds silly, but of course it’s the truth. However, for many of you that isn’t an option – in which case, fight a Las Vegas red light violation ticket online with We’ll give you some tips below to avoid them in the future, but if you’ve got one, you are well past that. So for now, you will need a good ticket attorney. connects you with one, and lets you take care of your citation without having to visit our offices or go to traffic court in the vast majority of instances. Doesn’t that sound nice, fighting your Las Vegas ticket for running a red light online, any time? That is why our clients love because it connects them with a traffic attorney and gets a legal professional on the case while they move on with their lives. How to avoid getting a red light ticket in Nevada is another thing entirely, and here is some good advice from the good folks over at the Zero Fatalities campaign: “In Nevada, as in other states, the main [...]

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The Added Insurance Costs of a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket

A favorite of ours here at is the Road Warrior over at the Las Vegas Review Journal. A recent column under these auspices talked a lot about an issue that we and our clients are very well aware of: insurance. That is to say, how getting a Las Vegas speeding ticket, DUI, or any other road infraction can cost you even more than the ticket itself in rising insurance costs. That’s part of the reason we developed our website to help Las Vegas fight speeding tickets online. We know that getting the charge reduced, the ticket thrown out, or an infraction changed to one without points on your license can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. That’s why makes it so easy for you to access our online legal service for Las Vegas speeding tickets and traffic tickets of all kinds. We’ll take care of everything for you – you won’t need to go to court or even to our offices in most cases, and we’ll get you the very best outcome possible. One of the great things about Road Warrior is that he does the math out for you. How much will a [...]

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Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas for 1mph Over the Limit

Most people think you’re fine if you’re going five miles per hour or less over the speed limit. They believe there is a “grace speed” where cops won’t really stop you, much less write you a ticket. This is just not the case. Yes, it’s true that usually, on a normal day and in normal conditions, officers will not pull you over nor will they issue you a ticket for driving less than five miles per hour over the speed limit. But as we can attest to, as can our clients, that doesn’t mean that’s always the case. We have handled cases for our clients where they were ticketed for under five miles per hour over the speed limit, and there are stories like this of Las Vegas speeding tickets for going just one mile per hour over the limit. Is it common? No. Is it something we see all the time? No. But that doesn’t mean it never happens. Perhaps the most common reason it happens is due to conditions. Speed limits are set a “best case” circumstance numbers where that is meant to be the fastest you are allowed to go in ideal conditions. No traffic, clear weather, [...]

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More Voices Against Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints in Las Vegas and across the country are really not an efficient or effective means of keeping the roads safe, at least according to a fairly recent piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal. The piece covers the usual range of arguments that we have all seen in recent years. The officers it ties up from doing other patrols. The ease with which drivers who are impaired can avoid the checkpoints. The level of difficulty in even being able to spot a drunk driver from just having them roll down their window for a moment, as opposed to seeing them driving out on the street. Contrary to the belief of many, they don’t breathalyze everyone who goes through the checkpoint, only the ones who they suspect. That means visible intoxication, smell of alcohol, or other factors that alert police to possible suspicious activity. Then there’s the number of people who are inconvenienced  by the checkpoints themselves. Add to that the people who are out driving on the rest of the roads that do not have as many patrols because of the number of officers needed to man a checkpoint, and you get some real problems. can help [...]

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Thanksgiving DUI in Las Vegas Ruins the Holiday

Thanksgiving is a day of celebration, for most people living in the United States of America, anyway. It is a day abounding with the Three Fs: food, family and football. While the roots of Thanksgiving may be somewhat less glowing and uniformly happy than most of us realize, that’s also how history works in a lot of ways. Regardless of what it was or wasn’t, it is now what it is: a feast and a long weekend of celebration. Of course for some they head straight from being thankful for what they have to throwing punches in the line to check out during Black Friday sales events, but that also is another story. However, there are also those of us who like to celebrate with a little alcohol as well as our food on Thanksgiving (most adults are probably in this category). Police have a tendency of setting up DUI checkpoints in Las Vegas for this very reason, since there are a number of Las Vegas vehicle accidents related to it. That almost always lends itself to at least a few people getting arrested for driving under the influence in Nevada on an otherwise celebratory evening. This is a truly [...]

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