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Rap Mogul Arrested in Las Vegas on Traffic Warrant

By | 2014-11-13T23:26:16-07:00 November 13th, 2014|Categories: Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants, Traffic Ticket|Tags: , , , , |

Rap moguls have to go to traffic court just like everybody else. Or at least, everyone else, that is, who doesn’t use to avoid Las Vegas traffic court. Marion “Suge” Knight was recently in Las Vegas traffic court for driving on a suspended license. While we don’t know the particulars of Mr. Knight’s situation, we do know that if you use you can avoid Las Vegas traffic court for suspended license citations, speeding tickets, and all kinds of traffic tickets in the vast majority of our cases. You don’t have to visit our law firm, you don’t have to stand in line at traffic court and wait for hours for your number and case to be called. can take care of everything for you. Our easy to use online system just takes a couple of minutes: put in a few basic details and hit “fix my ticket.” Our top Las Vegas traffic attorneys will look over your details and give you a call to let you know we have you covered. We’ll handle any traffic court appearances and you get to fight your Las Vegas traffic ticket online without leaving your home in the vast majority of [...]

Candidate Wants All Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Thrown Out

By | 2014-09-30T00:12:30-07:00 September 30th, 2014|Categories: General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

There is good news for those among us who just can’t seem to stay away from traffic tickets. Whether it’s from speeding or running a red light or a cell phone violation (or more), one candidate for Clark County District Attorney wants to have the DA’s office drop charges in Las Vegas traffic tickets where no property was damaged and no one was hurt. That would be good news for anyone staring down the barrel of a traffic ticket they can’t afford to pay, whether it be the money, the points on their license, or the hit to their insurance premium that comes with a traffic conviction. Before you get your hopes up, though, a dash of cold water: according to political handicappers, this candidate, Jim Duensing, appears to have very little chance of winning the race. A Libertarian, Mr. Duensing is said to have virtually no money, political backing, or hope of prevailing in current the current district attorney, Democrat Steve Wolfson, in heavily Democratic Clark County. That’s why you need When the candidate who wants to throw out your Clark County traffic ticket has very little chance of becoming district attorney, you need an actual traffic attorney [...]

More Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Called For by Newspaper

By | 2014-06-08T02:24:02-07:00 June 8th, 2014|Categories: General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants, Traffic Tickets Espanol|Tags: , , , , , , |

It seems like clockwork that another newspaper editorial would have come out recently asking how we can eliminate or reduce the number of traffic accidents on our streets. Upping enforcement and handing out more traffic tickets in Las Vegas Metro’s area is one idea proposed, as is master planning of communities. Other problems identified and listed in blocks that are too long and should be shortened, the addition of more pedestrian walk ways, more police officers to carry out the extra enforcement listed above, and that more accountability should be taken and given. The article calls out certain efforts that have been put into place to lower the number of accidents in Las Vegas. In lieu of the ability to hire more officers, for a variety of reasons, Metro Police have shifted enforcement strategies. They’ve deprioritized sending officers to take statements and do official reports on car accidents in Las Vegas that don’t initially present with injuries. Laws have been enacted to combat distracted driving which is a definite cause of accidents and pedestrian injuries such as banning texting and talking while driving in Nevada and giving cell phone tickets out for it. It was even made a primary offense, meaning you can [...]

Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Up Significantly

By | 2014-05-15T23:54:30-07:00 May 15th, 2014|Categories: Online Legal Services, Running a Red Light, Speeding, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , |

If you feel like you’ve seen more police stopping people and issuing Las Vegas traffic tickets in recent weeks and months, it’s not just your imagination. Perhaps you’ve been unlucky enough to be issued a traffic ticket, in which case you know for sure they’re out there in force. If you’re like many people out there, you’ll want to fight your Las Vegas traffic citation online, and is the best way you can do that. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, the details of this sharp increase in Clark County traffic tickets. As with anything, it’s impossible to make a causal link between two things, just because one happened immediately following the other. Even if the principal actors in the situation say a thing is one way does not mean that it is. Here’s what we know: year over year, Las Vegas traffic tickets in March jumped by almost 50 percent. That’s a huge leap. This was right around the time that the Las Vegas Metro Police made the policing change to no longer send patrol cars automatically out to Las Vegas car accidents where no injury was immediate reported. A lieutenant from the police force [...]

Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Scam

By | 2014-01-30T00:53:48-07:00 January 30th, 2014|Categories: General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , , |

A story of a recent and possibly current scam allegedly taking place in our valley is just another reason that you should only go with reputable sources, and trust your gut instincts. If you have a legitimate Las Vegas traffic ticket and want to fight it online, only go with top rated and recommended sites like that are both simple and inexpensive. Certainly less expensive, in any number of ways, than this recent attempt to scare money out of people that at least one whistle blower called the police and the media to investigate. If you want a positive experience with fighting a Clark County traffic ticket visit for convenience, easy, and economy. The person who called out this scam was a Las Vegas woman named Carol Webster. She claimed to have received a call from someone identifying themselves as a Sheriff’s lieutenant with Clark County. He claimed to be from the Warrant Division, and that the source of her arrest warrant was long overdue Clark County traffic tickets. Without immediate payment via a green dot money card, she would be arrested, he claimed, and even had a secondary person who spoke as the man’s captain to “corroborate” [...]

Many DUIs Happening in Las Vegas

By | 2013-08-27T00:01:11-07:00 August 27th, 2013|Categories: DUI, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , |

Authorities are trying to bring some awareness to the problem of drunk driving in Las Vegas, following a string of incidents and accidents involving drivers who were intoxicated, and car accidents in Las Vegas that happened as a direct result of their inebriated state behind the wheel. Las Vegas has particular problems with this issue, given the city’s status as the vacation land and adult playground that the casino and gambling culture, not to mention the non-stop top rated shows and other nightlife bring. It’s easy to drink to the point of legal drunkenness in a city that has no “blue laws” – regulations that many cities and states have regulating a specific time that you must stop serving alcohol. Add to that the marketing and reality of Las Vegas as a place for adults to let loose and party like they’re back in college (if they’re not still in college, that is), and you have a perfect recipe for people getting behind the wheel when the shouldn’t. If you’ve been arrested or cited for driving under the influence in Clark County, can help. Our online system is easy to use, saves you money, and means you don’t have [...]

Bench Warrants Change for Traffic Violations in Las Vegas

By | 2013-06-27T01:12:51-07:00 June 27th, 2013|Categories: DUI, Speeding, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

There is some recent news pertaining to bench warrants from traffic court in Las Vegas and Clark County. Bench warrants from traffic court, if you are fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with them, are issued when someone is ticketed for speeding in Las Vegas, for example, and then fails to the ticket. They can also happen if you’re cited for DUI in Nevada, and fail to show up for your court date. Bench warrants are warrants that police use to detain you and hold you pending bail. They are issued by a judge, which is where they get their name from, as judges are often referred to as “the bench” in legal proceedings. These types of “arrests” and warrants are very different from a “normal” arrest warrant like you would see on any cop show on TV. Those types of arrest warrants indicate that a criminal charge is about to be filed against you. These traffic bench warrants generally mean being detained until you pay, or make arrangements to pay, a fine, or reset a court date for a DUI in Southern Nevada. Chief Justice of the Peace, the Honorable Karan Bennett, signed into procedural law with an Administrative order [...]

DUI Citations for Medical Marijuana in Las Vegas to End?

By | 2013-05-09T20:07:57-07:00 May 9th, 2013|Categories: DUI, General Ticket Info, Illegal Driving, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

Did you know you can get a citation for driving under the influence in Las Vegas for use of not just alcohol, but for being under the influence of drugs as well, whether they are prescribed by a doctor or not? This is the truth of the matter, and knowing your legal rights and having an experienced lawyer is key to fighting one of these citations. is the easiest, cheapest way to secure skilled legal representation that will help you deal with your citation for driving under the influence, speeding, or any other traffic ticket in the Las Vegas area. A bill before the Nevada State Legislature seeks to exempt some users of marijuana from citations for driving under the influence in Southern Nevada. Currently, DUI arrests involving use of marijuana in Clark County are based on quote-unquote “per se” levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in the blood stream. For any prescription drug in Nevada, such as a painkiller or antidepressant, to get cited for a DUI you must show physical impairment; there is no per se level of the substance in the blood which will automatically get you cited and arrested for driving under [...]

Would You Get a Traffic Ticket in Las Vegas for This?

By | 2013-05-06T21:57:18-07:00 May 6th, 2013|Categories: General Ticket Info, Illegal Driving, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , , |

It can be infuriating when you see police officers doing things that just don’t seem right to you, things that would probably get you cited for a traffic ticket in Clark County. Maybe the police officer turns on their flashing lights seemingly just to blow through an intersection without waiting for the light, or maybe they just seem to be speeding with no reason and no lights on. Or, as in the case of this recent blog report on what for normal people would be a traffic violation in Las Vegas, a police officer seemingly just parked his motorcycle anywhere he wanted to, even refusing to identify his badge number to a 12 year old boy. If you, unlike what you may have seen from police officers, are cited for any traffic violation in Southern Nevada, visit Our website connects you to legal representation that is both effective and inexpensive that can help you take care of your traffic violation in no time. In the video posted by this concerned citizen, a police officer from the Las Vegas Metro is approached by a young boy. The motorcycle cop is seemingly parked illegally, and it looks as if he had [...]

Wrong Way Highway Traffic Accidents on the Rise in Las Vegas

By | 2012-05-23T16:06:14-07:00 May 23rd, 2012|Categories: DUI, General Ticket Info, Illegal Driving, Local News, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

A startling rash of wrong way highway accidents have plagued Las Vegas freeways since late April as three people have died in this way since that time. The three fatalities have come from two separate wrong way highway traffic accidents. If you have been ticketed after a Las Vegas highway accident for Las Vegas reckless driving, log onto to fight or fix your ticket online without time consuming visits to Clark County traffic court. Last week, early Thursday morning around 5 a.m. an SUV sped north on U.S. 95 travelling on the southbound side of the highway. The driver, Mario Valencia, 20, was pronounced dead. 58-year old Ramiro Meza, 58, the driver of the car allegedly hit by Mr. Valencia, died from his injuries at a local hospital. If you have been cited for reckless driving in Clark County due to a Las Vegas highway accident, can process your ticket online, without wasting an entire day in the Las Vegas traffic court. The second recent Las Vegas wrong way highway accident occurred in late April, early Easter Sunday morning. Paul Mears, 55, was killed in an accident with 22-year old Nathan Moist. Mr. Moist is suspected of driving [...]

Computer Upgrades at Clark County Traffic Court Increases’s Efficacy

By | 2012-05-21T16:07:56-07:00 May 21st, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

After journalists from Las Vegas Channel 8 learned that many overwhelmed Clark County Traffic Court judges were cutting corners and reducing many Las Vegas traffic tickets to simple parking tickets without considering the driver’s record, local authorities took action. The Clark County Court System’s Chief Judge reacted swiftly and initiated a sweeping $1 million computer upgrade. The computer upgrades will be financed by fees from traffic tickets and will not be borne by Las Vegas residents through taxes. The new upgraded computers will go live in October 2012. No information has been provided as to how the added scrutiny will increase Clark County Traffic Court wait times. If you have gotten a Las Vegas traffic ticket, for speeding, running a red light, don’t fight the crowds and long lines at the Clark County Traffic Court. Log onto today to fight or fix you Las Vegas traffic ticket. Clark County Traffic Court is currently experiencing significant long lines and delays when processing tickets in person. At present, the Clark County traffic court handles approximately 303,000 Southern Nevada Traffic tickets every year. Their current staffing and facilities, however, were designed to processing approximately three quarters of that many Clark County traffic [...]

Avoid Long Lines at Clark County Traffic Court by Logging On To Today

By | 2012-05-09T18:46:09-07:00 May 9th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, DUI, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Road Rules, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , |

If you get a Las Vegas traffic ticket, do you want to fight the long lines at Clark County Traffic Court, losing a day’s pay from work, to fight a Las Vegas traffic ticket? The Clark County traffic court system in 2007 processed approximately 250,000 Las Vegas traffic tickets annually, but now sees nearly 310,000 Clark County speeding tickets, DUI cases and more handled in the traffic courts. has developed an exclusive online ticket processing system that enables you to avoid annoying and time consuming court visits for most minor driving infractions and traffic warrants. We also represent those who have received Las Vegas DUI citations, however, for these more complicated cases, most require court visits and meetings with our attorneys. In a recent interview with the judge who heads Clark County’s Traffic Court, Karen Bennett-Haron, she mentioned that the court does not employ the necessary personel to process the many Las Vegas traffic citations that pass through the court. She even wondered about the efficacy of writing new traffic law, as it has become so arduous for her court to enforce the laws behind Clark County traffic tickets. Judge Bennett-Haron even calls into question whether or not the [...]

Las Vegas Metro Police Set Up DUI Check Point

By | 2012-04-21T12:53:04-07:00 April 21st, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, DUI, General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

Anyone can get a DUI. All it takes is a couple of drinks and getting behind the wheel. Then, either the alcohol reduces reaction time and the drunk driver gets into a car accident or violates traffic laws in front of the police. Sometimes, people are nabbed at sobriety check points like the one set up by Las Vegas Metro Police last night east of Buffalo Drive on Lake Mead Blvd. If you have been arrested for a Las Vegas DUI, and would like to fight or fix the citation, log onto today. As we’ve said, anyone can get a DUI – even a powerful local politician. Las night, Las Vegas police announced that an Assemblyman had been arrested Wednesday evening around 9:20pm for drinking and driving. The state legislator was arrested on Tam drive, near Industrial Rd. and Sahara Ave. If you have been arrested for a Clark County DUI, do not represent yourself in court proceedings. Our Nevada licensed traffic attorneys are often able to secure lower fines and/or fewer hours of community service than individuals are able to secure while representing themselves. A Southern Nevada DUI is embarrassing, time consuming and embarrassing but not the end [...]

Physics PhD Refutes CA Traffic Ticket, In Las Vegas, Contact

By | 2012-04-18T17:28:18-07:00 April 18th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, DUI, General Ticket Info, Local News, Online Legal Services, Road Rules, Technology and the LAW, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

Ever get a traffic ticket and been certain the officer was completely incorrect? Unfortunately, you were afraid to fight the system, concerned about repeated court visits, additional fines for late payments and of just earning the ire of local traffic authorities. However, you have options. If you happen to have a PhD in Physics, you could go to court with an academic research paper explaining how the officer incorrectly saw you roll through a stop sign, due to the angle the officer observed the traffic incident, the automobile’s rate of acceleration and deceleration and the number of obstructions to the officer’s view of the vehicle. Unfortunately, however, you, like the rest of us, struggled through high school geometry and algebra and have no means to determine your vehicle’s angular speed with respect to the police cruiser thirty meters away. Thus, you need more traditional means to fight or fix your Las Vegas traffic ticket. worked closely with local traffic authorities to ease the processing of Las Vegas traffic tickets. Our online traffic ticket processing system enables you, whether you are a lifelong Las Vegas resident or you were in Vegas as a tourist, on business or an all-expenses paid [...]

Las Vegas Traffic Stops May Lead to Illegal Asset Forfeiture

By | 2012-04-02T18:33:05-07:00 April 2nd, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, Henderson Legal News, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Road Rules, Technology and the LAW, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , |

Imagine driving across country, along I-70 in Illinois and seeing police lights flashing in your rearview mirror, with a State or Municipal police cruiser signaling for you to pull over. You stop safely on the side of the road, and the officer informs you that he or she pulled over for an illegal lane change. You are asked for and hand over your license and registration, and the officer heads back to the cruiser. After a few moments, the policeman returns to the car, and says you are being let off with a warning. Then something strange occurs. As you are told you are free to go you are then asked if you would consent to a few questions. You comply and are then asked if you have any illicit drugs, large amounts of cash or weapons. You reply no to each of these questions. If you have been pulled over in a Las Vegas Interstate stop and have had significant property seized, contact today. Then the police officer asks you to consent for your car to be searched. Maybe he even has a police dog circle your vehicle, sniffing for drugs. Maybe you have a significant amount of [...]

NHP Targeting Out-Of-State Plates across Las Vegas and Nevada

By | 2012-03-29T18:18:08-07:00 March 29th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Illegal Driving, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

The Nevada Highway Patrol occasionally dedicates entire months to solving one or more of the traffic issues pressing in the state. In the past, they have stepped up enforcement of DUI laws, reducing cell phone use while driving or even pedestrian safety. At the end of March, NHP announced their campaign for April will be to raise awareness and increase ticketing of motorists who are driving with out-of-state or expired license plates. While the NHP asserts they will only pull over out-of-state drivers when they break the law, during traffic stops they will pay close attention to the drivers from neighboring states speeding, parking and ticket arrest records. If you have received a Las Vegas ticket for out of state plates, and wish to fight or fix your traffic ticket, contact Benson and Bingham for a free legal consultation today. In addition to their search for out-of-state plates, NHP officers will, as always double check the validity of a driver’s license and proof of insurance. While it can be very easy to forget to print out and put your latest insurance information in your car with your registration, not doing so can cost you up to $800. In fact, go [...] Enables Hassle Free Processing Of Your Las Vegas Traffic Warrant

By | 2012-03-26T17:37:03-07:00 March 26th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , |

In early February, former hip hop mogul, Suge Knight was arrested in Las Vegas for marijuana possession and unpaid tickets. Last week, the unpaid traffic ticket warrant was dealt with easily by Knight’s lawyers with the payment of a $425 fine, with no court visit for the former head of the pioneering hip hop record label, Death Row. Some may think it was Mr. Knight’s celebrity that enabled him to dispose of his traffic violation without a court appearance. This is not the case – for many Las Vegas traffic infractions, even Las Vegas traffic warrants, people from Nevada or any place in the United States are able to fight or fix their traffic ticket online, often without time consuming court visits. If you have a Las Vegas traffic warrant you fear could land you in jail during a routine traffic stop, log on to and contact us for a free legal consultation. For many cases, whether you are a celebrity or not, we can help you dispose of your traffic infraction entirely online. was developed to enable ordinary men and women to deal with their Las Vegas and Southern Nevada traffic tickets and warrants easily online. Our [...] can dispose of your Las Vegas Traffic Warrant

By | 2012-03-16T19:45:52-07:00 March 16th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Illegal Driving, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , |

Tickets can be easy to forget to pay. You get them, note the date a month away you need to pay it. Then, sometime later – whether 6-weeks or 6-months – you are cleaning out your car and find the unpaid citation. Each time it happens, it’s frightening and infuriating. How much will it cost now? Will they even accept the fees online? If I mail in a check, how will I know if it was correctly applied? If I head to the county courthouse to pay it right now, will I be arrested? Is my license even valid? If you have an unpaid Las Vegas traffic ticket, you could very well have a warrant out for your arrest. However, can help. Contact us today for a free legal consultation. We can handle most traffic related arrest warrants online, for just $250. Forgetting to pay a Las Vegas traffic ticket can happen to anyone. Grammy winning hip-hop artist, Coolio, recently was arrested by Las Vegas Metro Police for unpaid traffic tickets. He was stopped at 2.20 a.m. on Friday March 9th. Coolio wasn’t even driving that evening; he was detained during the traffic stop when officers looked up his [...]

Will Las Vegas Push For Changes To Red Light Traffic Ticket Statute?

By | 2012-02-08T17:55:41-07:00 February 8th, 2012|Categories: General Ticket Info, Road Rules, Technology and the LAW, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , |

Across the nation, states continue to debate the fairness and efficacy of red light traffic cameras. While Nevada and nine other states have specific provisions against the automated cameras, however, the Silver State does allow the use of the cameras if mounted to a police cruiser or other vehicle or if held and aimed by an officer. Other states, approximately 20, have no laws on the books for red light cameras. If you have been ticketed for a running a red light in Las Vegas, and want to fight or fix your ticket entirely online, contact today. While Nevada does not allow automated red light ticket cameras, many studies have shown how effective the systems can be in curbing many types of moving violations. In Cedar Rapids, IA, a 2011 study showed that the installation of automated red light traffic reduced the average monthly amounts of red lights run by 50%. In addition, the study found that for each additional month the cameras were working and installed red light infractions fell an additional 9.3%. In Las Vegas, the addition of red light automated cameras could significantly impact the city’s and region’s pedestrian fatality problem. If you have been cited [...]

Las Vegas Accidents More Likely to Occur On Local Roads than Area Highways

By | 2012-01-30T22:29:00-07:00 January 30th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, DUI, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Road Rules, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , |

Where do most traffic accidents and deaths occur in Southern Nevada? Some might say it’s one of our many interstate highways – the 15, 215 or 515. Others might say it’s the Veterans Memorial Highway or the 95. Others might think that the most dangerous stretch of road is Las Vegas Blvd., more commonly known as The Strip. No, the majority of Las Vegas accidents and injuries occur on local roads in everyday neighborhoods. A recent study by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration) found that most traffic deaths in Las Vegas occurred in areas where the speed limit was 55 or 65 miles per hour but instead most accidents happen in areas where the limit is posted at 35 and 45 mph. The two most contributing factors to accidents in accidents are speeding and not paying attention. On their way home from work, at the end of a long day at the office, people speed to get home. Even though cell phone while driving use was recently made illegal in Nevada people still check their emails and text messages as they drive. No one ever intends to get into an accident, no one wants to be a [...]