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SFPD Negligence Potentially Voids DUI Convictions, Could Las Vegas Metro PD Have Made The Same Mistake?

By | 2012-03-07T18:22:05-07:00 March 7th, 2012|Categories: DUI, General Ticket Info, Illegal Driving, Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , |

In San Francisco, on Tuesday, March 6th, it was announced that over a thousand San Francisco DUI convictions could be thrown out of court for bad evidence. The evidence mishandled is field sobriety tests administered by police during suspected driving while intoxicated traffic stops. The DUI convictions affected stretch back all the way to 2006. The San Francisco Public Defender’s office is looking into the files on all the DUI convictions in question. In Nevada, this illustrates why you should never take a Las Vegas DUI plea offer without first speaking to an attorney. The Nevada licensed DUI attorneys at double and triple check all the evidence compiled against you in a Southern Nevada DUI arrest. If you have been arrested for a Las Vegas DUI, contact today for a free legal consultation. The San Francisco Public Defender’s office is reviewing all post-2006 DUI convictions that have handheld breathalyzer machines used as evidence. A review of the San Francisco police’s calibration and maintenance records for the hand-held breathalyzers is what prompted the investigation. The SF Public Defenders noticed records kept by the San Francisco Police showed the exact same reading in every preliminary test of an alcohol screening [...]

Las Vegas Traffic Fatalities On The Rise

By | 2012-01-23T18:27:07-07:00 January 23rd, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , |

2011 was one of the deadlier years for Las Vegas pedestrian deaths. Across the Silver State, 47 pedestrians were struck and killed last year, a significant proportion of those accidents were Las Vegas pedestrian fatalities. This year, however, is looking to be especially deadly on Las Vegas, Nevada’s roads and highways for drivers. So far in 2012, there have been ten Southern Nevada traffic fatalities. Las Vegas Metro police have reported six Las Vegas traffic fatalities while Nevada Highway Patrol has announced four Clark County Highway deaths. The latest death happened last Monday, January 16th. Travelling North on US95, a 2008 Volkswagen lost control after veering into a dirt and gravel median. Spinning out, the Volkswagen struck a new Toyota Yaris sedan, rocketing both vehicles to the highway’s right shoulder as they overturned. The driver of the Volkswagen, who was not wearing his seat belt, was thrown from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at Sunrise Hospital. The driver and five passengers in the 2011 Toyota Yaris were taken to St. Rose Sienna hospital, but since they had been secured in the vehicle, they only suffered minor injuries. Nevada traffic accidents where there is one or more fatalities can cause [...]

Nevada Automobile Regulators Play Hardball to Maximize Traffic Ticket, Other Revenues

By | 2011-02-25T12:15:20-07:00 February 25th, 2011|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , |

The news in Nevada this week is about a roughly $400 million hole in Gov. Brian Sandoval's proposed state budget, largely due to some technicalities about how money from school bonds can be spent. This issue is part of a larger conversation about how the state of Nevada can continue to operate and provide vital services when the governor -- and, as evidenced in part by his election, a large number of Nevadans -- believes that the best way to address the weak economy is to keep taxes low and not pursue new sources of revenue. But as many commentators have observed, the governor's hard line on limiting state taxes has just pushed the need for new revenue down to other agencies and from taxes into fees and increased costs elsewhere. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and the state's various law enforcement agencies illustrate this phenomenon. As we have reported previously, the DMV is trying to make greater use of automated kiosks to cut back on the need for warm bodies in central offices, and fees have been increasing steadily. As a columnist recently observed in a Las Vegas newspaper, the agency also refuses to credit back pro-rated registration [...]