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Las Vegas speeding ticket, don’t try to outrun them

By | 2017-04-10T22:15:19-07:00 April 10th, 2017|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

If you are being stopped for speeding in Las Vegas it is a good idea to stop. We know that speeding tickets in Las Vegas are no fun. We have had our fair share, and helped plenty of people fight a Las Vegas Speeding ticket online. That, of course, is what does, and does best. We know better than most that you can, in fact, fight Las Vegas speeding tickets and fight them online. We also know that hands down it is easier to fight a lower ticket after the fact than to try to run from the police and end up with a number of other tickets and usually causes for arrest to fight after the fact. Do not get us wrong, we can help you either way – if you pulled over immediately when you saw the flashing lights, or if you took police on a high speed chase and ended up with a raft of charges to fight in addition to your Las Vegas speeding which you would have gotten anyway, and now have to try to get out of so, so much more. was built, after all, to help fight Las Vegas speeding tickets, [...]

More Las Vegas Speeding Tickets, or non-Speeding

By | 2017-03-29T22:03:04-07:00 March 29th, 2017|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , , |

Frankly, it is about time somebody put this bill forward. By “this bill” we mean a fine for driving too slowly. Now, regular readers of our blog might be somewhat surprised at the whole construction of the beginning of this blog. We are, of course, a site that helps people fight Las Vegas speeding tickets online. We deal with people who are in trouble for going too fast. Therefore it might be surprising to hear us say (or write, as the case may be) that we are glad to see potentially people being fined for going too slowly. Normally that would not be something that our clients especially would be happy to hear about in the abstract: additional traffic fines. But let us face it: most of our clients are not going too slowly. By and large, we believe it would be fair to say that they would be irritated by those left lane campers, those people clogging up traffic. So, perhaps you can understand our interest in this bill. We will give you more info on it in a moment. But first, let us remind you that we at help our clients fight all kinds of Las Vegas [...]

Las Vegas DUI checkpoint for St. Paddy’s Day

By | 2017-03-17T22:50:01-07:00 March 17th, 2017|Categories: DUI|Tags: , |

Another major holiday means another Las Vegas DUI checkpoint. Below is the Las Vegas Metro Police press release on the checkpoint for this evening. It’s not really surprising, given how much this holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day, has come to be about drinking. But no matter what happens out there tonight, you know that is the absolute best way to fight a Las Vegas DUI online. We certainly understand and can appreciate Las Vegas Metro Police’ goal of cutting down on Las Vegas DUI vehicle crashes and injuries. However, for us, the person accused of driving under the influence is entitled to the best legal defense out there, and that is Now if you’re reading this, you’re likely past the point where the below information is useful. But what is useful is our website which lets you fight a Las Vegas DUI arrest online with top traffic attorneys. "The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau along with Officers from the area commands will be conducting a “Sobriety Checkpoint” in the Las Vegas Valley, on March 17, 2017. This checkpoint is being supported by a EUDL (Enforcing Under Age Drinking Laws) and Joining Forces grant. LVMPD Traffic and [...]

Beer saves driver from Las Vegas speeding ticket

By | 2017-03-01T21:00:30-07:00 March 1st, 2017|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Speeding|Tags: , |

This is certainly a unique way of getting out of a speeding ticket. Of all things, it was beer that got this driver out of a Las Vegas speeding ticket. These are not words we are used to writing, but read on if you will. A driver, pulled over by the police for speeding, expects a ticket. They will certainly and rightfully try to talk their way out. To use every different kind of line, excuse, emotional tinge to their story, bare honesty and apology, you name it. Sometimes that gets folks out of a traffic ticket, sometimes it does not. In reality it often has very little to do with whether a police officer will give you a warning or not. They will look up your driving history, judge by the conditions, and more. Sometimes it boils down to how they’re feeling that day, sometimes there are traffic ticket quotas and sometimes, yes, your tack and story and demeanor or something else can inspire a Las Vegas Metro Police traffic cop to ticket you for speeding, and sometimes it can get you out of one. But what got this person out of a Las Vegas speeding ticket was the [...]

More Las Vegas work zone speeding tickets coming

By | 2017-02-04T23:00:28-07:00 February 4th, 2017|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , , |

Remember to breathe deeply. Go to the bathroom before you leave. Don’t drink too many fluids on the drive. Have calming music, headphones or a Bluetooth so that you can make phone calls safely and legally, a snack, and some patience. More and more and even more road work is coming to Las Vegas, and it’s going to make the traffic problems we have already faced due to road construction look like child’s play. All of this is part of a broader project, Project Neon, that aims to cut down on traffic around the Las Vegas valley. But in the meantime, it will mean more traffic, as lanes are closed to allow for the construction. Above all, remember that Las Vegas speeding tickets will double in these work zones. There will be more officers checking speed, and out there to give you a work zone speeding ticket and ruin your day. It’s hard to not drive faster when you can when traffic is bad, because you have to get where you’re going. But it can be expensive. However, you can fight your Las Vegas work zone speeding ticket online with if you need to. We will make the ticket [...]

The Added Insurance Costs of a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket

By | 2016-12-24T01:45:34-07:00 December 24th, 2016|Categories: Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , |

A favorite of ours here at is the Road Warrior over at the Las Vegas Review Journal. A recent column under these auspices talked a lot about an issue that we and our clients are very well aware of: insurance. That is to say, how getting a Las Vegas speeding ticket, DUI, or any other road infraction can cost you even more than the ticket itself in rising insurance costs. That’s part of the reason we developed our website to help Las Vegas fight speeding tickets online. We know that getting the charge reduced, the ticket thrown out, or an infraction changed to one without points on your license can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. That’s why makes it so easy for you to access our online legal service for Las Vegas speeding tickets and traffic tickets of all kinds. We’ll take care of everything for you – you won’t need to go to court or even to our offices in most cases, and we’ll get you the very best outcome possible. One of the great things about Road Warrior is that he does the math out for you. How much will a [...]

Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas for 1mph Over the Limit

By | 2016-12-10T23:05:13-07:00 December 10th, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

Most people think you’re fine if you’re going five miles per hour or less over the speed limit. They believe there is a “grace speed” where cops won’t really stop you, much less write you a ticket. This is just not the case. Yes, it’s true that usually, on a normal day and in normal conditions, officers will not pull you over nor will they issue you a ticket for driving less than five miles per hour over the speed limit. But as we can attest to, as can our clients, that doesn’t mean that’s always the case. We have handled cases for our clients where they were ticketed for under five miles per hour over the speed limit, and there are stories like this of Las Vegas speeding tickets for going just one mile per hour over the limit. Is it common? No. Is it something we see all the time? No. But that doesn’t mean it never happens. Perhaps the most common reason it happens is due to conditions. Speed limits are set a “best case” circumstance numbers where that is meant to be the fastest you are allowed to go in ideal conditions. No traffic, clear weather, [...]

More Voices Against Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints

By | 2016-12-05T23:17:55-07:00 December 5th, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , |

DUI checkpoints in Las Vegas and across the country are really not an efficient or effective means of keeping the roads safe, at least according to a fairly recent piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal. The piece covers the usual range of arguments that we have all seen in recent years. The officers it ties up from doing other patrols. The ease with which drivers who are impaired can avoid the checkpoints. The level of difficulty in even being able to spot a drunk driver from just having them roll down their window for a moment, as opposed to seeing them driving out on the street. Contrary to the belief of many, they don’t breathalyze everyone who goes through the checkpoint, only the ones who they suspect. That means visible intoxication, smell of alcohol, or other factors that alert police to possible suspicious activity. Then there’s the number of people who are inconvenienced  by the checkpoints themselves. Add to that the people who are out driving on the rest of the roads that do not have as many patrols because of the number of officers needed to man a checkpoint, and you get some real problems. can help [...]

New, More Cops May Mean More Las Vegas Speeding Tickets

By | 2016-11-15T22:02:44-07:00 November 15th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Speeding|Tags: , , |

More cops, more cops, ever more cops being added to give you a speeding ticket in Las Vegas, or so many other things. Doesn’t it seem like we just went through a local tax increase for more police? That one was aimed at putting patrol cars out there (with officers in them, of course) and if memory serves was all about, or at least mostly about, preventing fatal vehicle crashes in Las Vegas. That also meant that the Las Vegas Metro Police force would soon be responding again to non injury accidents in the Las Vegas area. Well, now another More Cops bill has been signed, sealed, and delivered. The piece of legislation, formally known as the Crime Prevention Act of 2016, was another bill that the legislature passed in a special session. It was also yet another bill that they, the legislature, didn’t pass outright, but made as “enabling” legislation. No, not enabling in the sense of unwittingly contributing to a vice like drugs, enabling in that it allowed the Clark County Commission to raise the tax if it wanted to. Some on one side of the political spectrum might call that enabling in the vice sense of the [...]

Las Vegas Texting and Driving Focus for Police

By | 2016-11-07T23:23:14-07:00 November 7th, 2016|Categories: Distraction on the Road: Texting, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , |

Texting and driving tickets in Las Vegas can cost you. That’s what the Las Vegas Metro Police are focusing on getting the word out on, and even officers across the state. Per a release from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, from now until the 13th of this month they will be focusing on texting and driving. We’ll take you straight to their press release on texting and driving tickets in Las Vegas: “Officers Remind Residents U Drive, U Text, U Pay! Law Enforcement Statewide focus on Distracted Drivers Las Vegas, Nevada – Law enforcement agencies statewide will be Joining Forces and focusing on Distracted Drivers Nov 2 -13, 2016. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will be working diligently to urge motorists to keep your eyes on the road and put away cell phones or other items that cause distractions. On average texting takes your eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. When traveling at 55mph, that's enough time to cover the length of a football field blindfolded. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that traffic deaths rose 10.4 percent in the first half of 2016 over 2015. That means 1,665 more deaths across the country in six months. [...]

Las Vegas Metro Police DUI Checkpoint Tonight

By | 2016-10-26T02:50:27-07:00 October 26th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , |

Las Vegas Metro Police are just finishing up conducting a DUI checkpoint. This is nothing new in terms of them conducting checkpoints, but of course every new check point yields additional Las Vegas DUI arrest issues. The checkpoint will actually be running for another 20 minutes or so. (Don’t ask the specifics of why this author is up so late, beyond that it involves little kids). If you’ve been hit with a DUI at a Las Vegas sobriety checkpoint and want to fight it online, you can do it right now. handles Nevada DUI charges through our online system any time day or night, as our name hopefully suggests. Connect with a top DUI attorney right now to at least take the worry about “what am I gonna do?!” out of the admittedly unpleasant experience. We will begin handling your charge immediately, and be in touch with you quickly (but usually during business hours) about how the case is and will be handled. Fixing your Las Vegas DUI online is just a click away at How does the Metro Traffic Division work, and how is it divided (ha ha ha) between the different functions it plays? Here is, [...]

More Cops and More Speeding Tickets Possible in Las Vegas

By | 2016-10-07T01:11:09-07:00 October 7th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , |

There could soon be more officers to give out more Las Vegas speeding tickets. That’s because additional funding for police officers may be back on the table at a special session of the legislature that would presumably begin next week. The special session is not at all being called because there is a lack of uniformed officers patrolling Las Vegas streets. In fact, the special session is to bring more criminal element to the Las Vegas area: it is to bring raiders to our fair city. Or more appropriately, that should be capitalized as Raiders, and given the potential official name: the Las Vegas Raiders, a franchise of the National Football League. Pardon the terrible play on words, please. However, the bi-product of a special session is potentially some smaller bills that are unrelated in most senses to the huge taxpayer funding portion of the stadium that the other money men say is necessary to their putting up any money for the team and their new digs. In this case, as stated above, part of the potential other purposes of the session could be to directly approve a tax increase for more officers for the Las Vegas Metro Police Force. [...]

Rankings Leave Out Nevada Traffic Tickets

By | 2016-06-14T23:48:50-07:00 June 14th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , |

What’s the best state to drive in? For anyone who has recently gotten a traffic ticket in Nevada, the answer is probably “somewhere else.” True probably no matter where you get a traffic ticket -- nobody, nobody likes getting a traffic ticket. But truly, beyond just personal and incidental temporal reasoning, it is interesting to see rankings of where the best and worst places to drive are, even if just to refine our own ideas and come up with our own ranking systems based on the flaws we see in others’ methodology. A recent ranking of all 50 states was recently released by This online car insurance provider had some very interesting ranking systems that are not necessarily totally on board with for various reasons, including that the Nevada traffic tickets were not included in the rankings. Here’s what was included: Insurance -- Percent car insurance is of median household income Uninsured drivers -- Estimated percent of uninsured drivers Traffic fatalities -- Annual traffic deaths per 100,000 population Roads -- Percent of roads in poor/mediocre condition Bridges -- Percent of bridges deemed structurally deficient Repair costs -- Estimated extra cost of car repair due to driving on bad roads Gas -- Average price of a [...]

Over 17,000 Las Vegas Speeding Tickets This Year

By | 2016-05-22T00:39:07-07:00 May 22nd, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

Las Vegas Metro Police are issuing a lot of speeding tickets in the Las Vegas Valley this year. And by “a lot” we truly do mean a huge number. According to a spokesman for Metro, at least 17,000 Las Vegas speeding tickets have been issued by Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Traffic Division so far this year. Now, we here at have definitely seen evidence of an uptick in policing and issuance of tickets. We have seen that anecdotally just by the number of people who come to us to help them fix a Las Vegas speeding ticket online. The traffic attorneys at have fixed countless speeding tickets completely online for our customers, and know that, at least by the volume of folks we’ve helped so far this year, something has been going on. Well, now we know what that something is: extra enforcement. We have seen evidence of that anecdotally, too, with seemingly a new Joining Forces initiative seeming to be announced every day looking for people speeding or running red lights in Las Vegas, not wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, crosswalk or pedestrian violations, and more. But, other than [...]

Safety, Seatbelt Tickets for for Las Vegas Metro Police This Month

By | 2016-05-07T17:14:45-07:00 May 7th, 2016|Categories: Online Legal Services, Seat Belt Laws|Tags: , , |

With so many fatal traffic accidents in Las Vegas recently, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are doing everything they can to crack down on Nevada traffic violations. The Clark County Sheriff, who heads up the Metro division, has made it a “primary focus.” So what does that mean, exactly? Several things, which we’ll get into in a moment, but what’s important for you, the consumer: if you’re reading this blog or this page you’re likely looking to fight a Las Vegas traffic ticket online, which you’re probably gotten from the extra police focus on traffic and motor vehicle violations. Fortunately for you, lets you fight a Nevada seatbelt violation or any other Las Vegas traffic ticket completely online in most cases. The vast majority of traffic tickets can be handled by just our qualified attorneys without the need for you to be present at traffic court or even come in to visit our office. “Click-n-Fix” is a motto we try to live by at – we know what a pain driving across town to see a lawyer or waiting your turn at the traffic court arraignment can be, which is why we do it all for you. That’s [...]

Police Ticket of 300 People in Nevada and California

By | 2016-03-26T00:48:14-07:00 March 26th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , , |

The Nevada Highways Patrol went on a speeding and other ticket giving spree today. They had help from the California Highway Patrol for this fine dispensing bonanza, along with officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Henderson Police Department. It was a regular flock of law enforcement, and all aimed at making spring break a little more expensive for some people. The focus of the enforcement zone was along interstate 15, which we suppose is why the California Highway Patrol was involved. If you were giving a speeding ticket in Nevada as part of this special enforcement period and focus, can help. Our completely online system connects you with a top attorney who will handle your Las Vegas traffic ticket for you totally online in most cases. We’ll get you the best outcome for your ticket possible – thrown out, or smaller plea deal, for example – and we’ll handle everything for you. You don’t need to come to our offices or go to Las Vegas traffic court, we can take care of the vast majority of cases over the internet with a small, clearly labeled set of final documents to sign. It doesn’t seem from [...]

Important Driving Course in Las Vegas But Can’t Fix Your Speeding Ticket

By | 2016-03-20T23:44:04-07:00 March 20th, 2016|Categories: Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , |

A driving course just finished up today out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway which gave young and or inexperienced drivers a chance to learn things that they don’t teach you in Drivers’ Ed. No, the course didn’t teach how to do a high speed reverse 180 or anything like that. This wasn’t the course where students might find themselves using the maneuvers here in real life just after saying to a friend “hang on, I saw this in a movie once.” This course was about safely practicing dangerous situations you might experience while out driving on the roads but in a controlled environment, without the risks associated with skidding or making a sudden tactical lane change to avoid an accident on the freeway in rush hour. The course went through things like how to keep the vehicle under control if you hit a sudden patch of water and find yourself skidding out. Drivers learned how to make a last minute lane change on the fly if they need to avoid a car collision. They learn plenty of other things as well, like how to deal with other types of skids or slides, what the different braking systems feel like [...]

If you can’t avoid a Las Vegas speeding ticket fight it online

By | 2016-01-23T00:59:51-07:00 January 23rd, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

You’ve all seen the articles about how to avoid a speeding ticket. If you haven’t, you really should read some. The more in depth looks at these different ways to not get written a Las Vegas traffic ticket are well worth the effort. The traffic attorneys at know exactly what it’s like and how it can wreck a person left to worry about the fallout. Especially someone who has had the bad luck to be fully written up for every time they are stopped for any little thing a cop can pretend they see, even the most innocuous of infractions. If you’re constantly finding yourself getting written Las Vegas speeding tickets, traffic tickets, or any vehicle tickets you really should invest a little time in reading some of this often rather good advice that’s out there about how to talk your way, bluff your way, or drive your way out of an official write up. Some people swear by radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets, but that tactic doesn’t work for a broken tail light or a failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to yield, or you name it. Talking your way out only works in certain [...]

Many Careless Driving Tickets in Henderson, NV for Not Yielding to Pedestrians

By | 2015-02-15T15:18:13-07:00 February 15th, 2015|Categories: Careless Driving, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

The Joining Forces Grant is back at it again, with Henderson being the focus of careless driving tickets in Las Vegas for failure to yield to pedestrians. We wrote about this program very recently, and the number of people ticketed in North Las Vegas for pedestrian safety and careless driving. Well, the tickets keep on coming. This time, as we mentioned, was focused on a different part of the valley. Police issued over 110 traffic tickets in Henderson for failure to yield to a pedestrian, which generally falls under the legal umbrella of careless driving. Henderson police officers also issued a number of tickets for other violations that they saw during their stepped up enforcement program, which lasted a week. Only one pedestrian was ticketed for not crossing the street safely or in a marked crosswalk or with the traffic light. That number is surprisingly low, given the number of pedestrian accident injuries in Southern Nevada when people were crossing the roadway either not in a crosswalk or against the walk light. Police also issued a whole bunch of tickets for drivers with other kinds of problems or infractions. Things like driving without current insurance, driving with a suspended or [...]

Las Vegas Careless Driving Tickets for Failing to Stop for Pedestrians

By | 2015-02-11T22:59:40-07:00 February 11th, 2015|Categories: Careless Driving, Distraction on the Road: Texting, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Police are once again out in force handing out careless driving tickets in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas to people who fail to stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks. This is not an uncommon thing for police in the Las Vegas area to focus on, as pedestrian deaths have often been a major problem in the area. Certainly it is not all the fault of drivers, and police are aware of this. They also target pedestrians during these enforcement crackdowns, issuing citations for jay walking and the like. The way these traffic enforcement often work is through the use of a decoy. Whichever department or departments are involved in the program will use someone, usually a police officer, to try to catch people in the act of not stopping for a pedestrian crossing the road. The decoy usually wears something bright and highly visible, sometimes wearing something quite outlandish like a Halloween-type costume. They then begin to cross the road. Anyone who doesn’t stop is given a careless driving citation in Southern Nevada. Police will also just camp out at dangerous intersections and wait and watch, seeing which drivers fail to stop for normal pedestrians. They usually pick these [...]