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Henderson Speeding ticket

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Boulder City Speeding Tickets, and The Police’ Spin

By | 2016-08-21T21:56:11-07:00 August 21st, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , , |

The headline reads “Traffic Division Officers Keep Roads Safe” and the article follows predictably from there. Well, predictably if you look first at who wrote the piece. The woman’s name is immaterial, but the office from which she’s writing is not: Boulder City Police.” We mean, honestly though, what other kind of article to do you expect someone to write in an official capacity and speaking on behalf of the police department? They’re not going to write a story that could be headlined “Sometimes Traffic Enforcement Is About Funding” or “You Didn’t Deserve That Ticket.” Police are going to toe the line for police, that’s just the way it is. And we don’t mean to necessarily say that the article or the sentiment is exactly one hundred percent wrong. Police and traffic enforcement officers have their place, all police have their place. But that doesn’t mean the whopper of a speeding ticket Boulder City Police just handed you is “right” or that you shouldn’t fight it. In fact, if you want to fight your Boulder City speeding ticket online visit today for the quickest, simplest, cheapest, and all around best experience in fixing traffic tickets online. While we do [...]

Henderson Speeding Ticket Bonanza

By | 2016-08-14T22:46:31-07:00 August 14th, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

Received a speeding ticket in Henderson, Nevada? You are not alone, you are not anywhere near alone, especially if it happened in the last couple of weeks. On top of speeding tickets issues by the Nevada Highway Patrol, hundreds of other citations were handed out for various infractions such as distracted driving in Henderson, cell phone violations, seat belt violations, revoked or suspended licenses, and more. We’ll break down the numbers and give the specifics in a moment, but one big point sticks out for us. These are just the numbers released by the Nevada Highway Patrol, according to news accounts of this speeding enforcement in Henderson. The Henderson Police Department was also in on this, and they haven’t even released their numbers or had them counted in this total as released by the NHP. If you’re given a speeding ticket in Henderson, Nevada, or anywhere else across the Las Vegas Valley and want to fight it online visit today your ticket fix is just one click away. From the news report, it looks like this enforcement focus was going on for about two weeks. It began on July 22 and continued through to the 8th of August. We’re [...]

Extra Speeding Tickets in Mesquite and Other Nevada Cities Through June

By | 2016-06-19T23:13:06-07:00 June 19th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Speeding|Tags: , |

Extra emphasis on issuing Nevada speeding tickets is being put on highways across the Las Vegas Valley over the next several weeks. If you guessed a Joining Forces Grant was going to be mentioned next, you are the big winner winner chicken dinner. Hopefully you haven’t gotten here and been reading this and guessed that because you got a speeding ticket in Mesquite, Nevada, or Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas for that matter. Those are the areas (and yes that is a very wide geographic area) that will have extra emphasis beyond the normal placed on issuing speeding tickets over the next several weeks. If you are reading this because you got a speeding ticket in Mesquite and want to fight it online has your hassle free way to get out of your speeding ticket. Click-n-fix is our motto – we have the best online resource for dealing with speeding tickets, and traffic tickets of any kind, from the comfort and ease of your own home. If you’re going to pay an attorney to help you fight a speeding ticket why should you have to drive all the way across town to the office of [...]

Henderson DUI Arrest Zone Plus Super Bowl Equals DUI and Tickets Galore

By | 2016-02-19T00:26:55-07:00 February 19th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Speeding|Tags: , |

The numbers are in for the recent Henderson DUI enforcement push on and around the Super Bowl. A handful of Henderson drivers arrested for DUI. Just over two hundred 200 stops, and going up from there. 250 tickets total. Officers issued 269 citations for various things. Over one hundred of those tickets were for speeding. 54 sum total of random ones like lack of insurance, driving with a suspended or revoked license, lack of proper vehicle registration and related registration violations, and some red light violations. If you got a Henderson DUI or traffic ticket and want to fight it online, visit today to get started with one click. These roving enforcement zones are pretty common, if you’re a new reader to this blog or to traffic ticket news and blogs in general. Not that we have a huge subscription or following, if we’re being honest, but the people who read are interested. They’re interested in fixing a DUI in Henderson with a top lawyer who doesn’t charge top dollar. Minimum hassle, maximum outcome or lack thereof, that’s why people are usually reading our webpage. Not that this blog isn’t written with the most florid fluidity of floating rose [...]

Increased Henderson Traffic Enforcement Results In Clark County Tickets For Speeding, Not Yielding To Pedestrians & Jaywalking

By | 2015-09-14T11:19:05-07:00 September 14th, 2015|Categories: General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Road Rules, Speeding|Tags: , , |

Police in Henderson gave over 40 tickets to drivers who ignored pedestrians on Henderson roads in a pedestrian safety enforcement event that lasted a week. The Henderson Pedestrian laws ticket writing effort ran from Friday, August 21st to Friday, August 28th. The Henderson Police department added extra police patrols that were concentrating on the city’s busiest intersections targeting drivers who did not let pedestrians in crosswalks completely cross the street and pedestrians who cross the street outside of crosswalks or when a traffic light does not give them permission to cross. 45 total drivers received tickets for not letting pedestrians completely cross the street in a crosswalk. Laws require motorists to wait until the person crossing the street makes it entirely across, unless the road is separated by a physical median. Clark County street crosser citations totaled 14. Those individuals were tickets for not crossing in crosswalks, not waiting for a light to cross the street and finally for jaywalking. Tickets were also written for Las Vegas speeding, not having valid insurance in Southern Nevada, expired Nevada automobile registrations and then finally to people who did not have a valid driver’s license. Henderson police emphasized that the responsibility for being [...]

Routine Las Vegas Speeding Traffic Stop Ends In Tragedy

By | 2015-07-20T09:34:33-07:00 July 20th, 2015|Categories: General Ticket Info, Speeding|Tags: , , , , |

On July 15th Las Vegas police release video taken from a camera on a police officer. The video, of an incident which started with a routine speeding in Las Vegas traffic stop, ended in a deadly shooting. The Clark County excessive speed traffic stop happened on Friday, July 10th. The officer for the Las Vegas police pulled over a car on W. Sahara Ave in the vicinity of Lindell Rd. As the stop continued, the man in the car, James Todora, flatly refused to exit his car. In the process, Mr. Todora also grabbed a pistol. Mr. Todora pointed the weapon at the head of Police officer, but with no bullet in the gun’s chamber, the weapon did not fire. Another officer for the Las Vegas police was on the scene and immediately fired on and killed Mr. Todora. Another police officer at the scene was injured when a bullet grazed him. The bullet is alleged to have been fired by Mr. Todora. All Metro police officers in Las Vegas who start after July 2015 will be issued and be required to wear and have on the new body cameras. Police are required to turn on their cameras any time [...]

174 Get Speeding Tickets In Henderson Speeding Enforcement Program

By | 2015-05-19T14:48:41-07:00 May 19th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , |

Local police departments have been increasing citations for speeding in Southern Nevada. For example, almost 275 drivers in Henderson were stopped by Henderson police in an increased enforcement effort beginning April 30th and ending May 10th. The increased traffic enforcement was funded by a Joining Forces grant and was the ninth on in Southern Nevada in 2015. Of those approximately 275 people stopped, 174 were ticketed for exceeding the speed limit in Clark County. Five more tickets were written for not wearing a seatbelt while driving. Another five people received citations for running through a red light. 14 Nevadans were ticketed for using a cell phone while driving, although the breakdown of whether these were first, second or third offenses was not provided. 8 people had license plates that had expired and were ticketed for driving with out of date registrations. Finally, 33 got tickets for not having car insurance to indemnify them financially against a Las Vegas automobile accident. The State of Nevada’s Joining Forces grant funded the Henderson speeding ticket effort. The increased enforcement cost nearly $110,000. The grant money paid for additional officer overtime and consumables used in the traffic enforcement effort. The joining forces grant was [...]

Las Vegas Area Police Department Accused of Fixing Tickets for Family and Friends

By | 2015-03-24T12:45:24-07:00 March 24th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , |

An audit of police ticket revenue by a local Las Vegas area municipality shows that officers for the city, Henderson, repeatedly fixed Southern Nevada speeding tickets for friends and family. When they fixed the tickets, the police officers wrote simply “In the case of justice” on the tickets so they were allowed to be unpaid. The Henderson speeding ticket fixing scheme lasted until the end of September last year and started in October 2012. A total of 171 tickets for exceeding the speed limit in Clark County and other offenses were fixed by Henderson police officers during the two years. Of the 171 tickets,nearly 100 had been previously submitted to Clark County traffic court before they were fixed by Henderson police. Unfortunately, most people in Southern Nevada do not have a relative or friend that is a member of a local police department to fix a ticket for them. If you want to fight or fix your ticket, however, log onto to fight or fix your ticket online, without any long time consuming trips to Clark County traffic court. From our online ticket fixing website, you can easily dispose of your ticket from the comfort of home or your [...]