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Las Vegas Distracted Driving

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Las Vegas Area Police Increase Enforcement of Nevada Cell Phone While Driving Laws

By | 2015-02-26T13:37:58-08:00 February 26th, 2015|Categories: Careless Driving, Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, DUI|Tags: , , , , |

Cell phones, tablets and even wearable devices like Google Glass and the upcoming Apple iWatch have been boons to productivity, sharing of content and entertainment for everyone. Unfortunately, while these devices have generally improved life for all involved, using them while driving has increased the danger to pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists on the road. Even though the Nevada legislature has increased penalties and passed numerous laws forbidding the practice of using mobile devices while driving, Southern Nevadans continually use their devices while they are behind the wheel, resulting in accidents, property damage and even injuries. To combat this, area police departments have been writing more tickets for Las Vegas distracted driving in an attempt to reduce number of Nevadans driving and using their mobile devices. Last Friday police in North Las Vegas wrote nearly 200 tickets for Southern Nevada distracted driving and other violations in a concerted law enforcement effort to increase awareness of the dangers of using a mobile device while driving. Some of the citations issued were also for speeding, reckless driving and not using due care in a crosswalk with pedestrians. Police have been concentrating on mobile device use while driving and know when individuals are [...]

Las Vegas Distracted Driving Ticket for Eating, Like this Case?

By | 2015-01-30T22:41:29-08:00 January 30th, 2015|Categories: Distraction on the Road: Texting, Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , , |

Could you get a traffic ticket in Las Vegas for eating a hamburger? It all depends on what you are driving like and who sees you. We bring this up as we read the Las Vegas news about this distracted driving ticket given to a man in Cobb County, Georgia. It does happen that police will issue distracted driving tickets for eating, it is something that we here at have seen from our clients, that we have helped them with. It really all depends on the officer and the driver in that situation. Most people eat when they’re driving. Maybe not all the time, but often. Finishing breakfast on your way to work, finishing lunch on your way back from your break. Eating a snack on your way in between meetings or to pick up the kids. It happens. One of the keys to properly fighting one of these tickets is whether the officer catches you doing something else. It’s not illegal, per se, to eat while driving. It becomes distracted driving when it causes you to lose your lane, speed, miss and ignore a traffic sign, or run a red light, for just a few examples. That’s where [...]

Las Vegas drivers about six weeks from new Nevada traffic citations for texting and driving

By | 2011-08-21T21:39:26-08:00 August 21st, 2011|Categories: Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

About six weeks before the effective date of a new Nevada texting while driving law, Las Vegas drivers can still be seen with their phones pressed to their ears as they commute through Clark County traffic. For now, police are biding their time and continuing to focus on their bread and butter, including issuing Las Vegas speeding tickets. But this patient observation will soon morph into something more predatory once the new law takes effect. As a tense and vital legislative session came to a close in Carson City earlier this summer, lawmakers gave final approval to SB 140, which Governor Sandoval later signed into law. Although the bill passed the state Senate by only a narrow 11-10 margin, the policy of restricting cell phone use while driving is part of a growing consensus nationwide. According to, 42 states have some kind of restriction on the use of cell phones for either voice or text communications while driving. These laws are usually in addition to existing regulations like Las Vegas distracted driving laws. Some of the first states to adopt cell phone while driving laws utilized weak penalties that now are seen as too mild to serve as effective [...]

Experience of other states suggests Nevada texting while driving law may not target obvious, not reckless behavior

By | 2011-05-10T20:05:02-08:00 May 10th, 2011|Categories: Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, Local News, Online Legal Services, Technology and the LAW, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

We've all heard the reports by now, even though we may not have all changed our habits. Texting while driving is being identified as one of the premier dangerous driving habits as the advent of the smartphone and the falling cost and wider proliferation of mobile devices has put a distracting gizmo in the pocket -- and often in the hand -- of virtually every Nevada driver. As the Silver State contemplates a new ban on cell phone use while driving, laws already in effect in other states help lawmakers understand what they're getting themselves into. California and New York were among the earliest adopters of cell phone driving bans, with the Empire State establishing its cell phone law in 2001. Although on the frontier at the time, these laws now appear weak in the context of laws passed more recently by other states. Utah, for instance, has a law on the books that can send a driver to prison for up to 15 years if the motorist's distracted driving leads to a fatal accident. Policymakers have to nail down several important choices in crafting a new law here in the state of Nevada, and it is not always obvious [...]