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Las Vegas DUI numbers from checkpoint, Super Bowl

By | 2017-02-17T22:47:45-07:00 February 17th, 2017|Categories: DUI, Online Legal Services|Tags: , |

The numbers are out from at least on Las Vegas DUI checkpoint that was in place for the Super Bowl. The numbers, as they usually do, tend to lend ever more credence to the arguments of those who say that these are not the most effective means to catch drunk drivers. Now, our goal here at is to help people who have been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas. However, we still understand the Las Vegas Metro Police force’s point, and the Nevada-wide focus on drunk driving, as DUI accidents in Las Vegas can cause serious injury. But if they point is to prevent them, then there are statistically much better ways. Roving patrols, for instance, are shown to be “better’ at catching drunk drivers. If you’re arrested for DUI in Las Vegas and need to connect to a lawyer day or night, is the place for you to visit. Our service can help you make the best of this admittedly unpleasant situation. Our top DUI attorneys know Nevada law and Las Vegas police. If we can’t get the charge thrown out, we’ll get it reduced down as far as humanly possible. We stay on top of all [...]

More Voices Against Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints

By | 2016-12-05T23:17:55-07:00 December 5th, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , |

DUI checkpoints in Las Vegas and across the country are really not an efficient or effective means of keeping the roads safe, at least according to a fairly recent piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal. The piece covers the usual range of arguments that we have all seen in recent years. The officers it ties up from doing other patrols. The ease with which drivers who are impaired can avoid the checkpoints. The level of difficulty in even being able to spot a drunk driver from just having them roll down their window for a moment, as opposed to seeing them driving out on the street. Contrary to the belief of many, they don’t breathalyze everyone who goes through the checkpoint, only the ones who they suspect. That means visible intoxication, smell of alcohol, or other factors that alert police to possible suspicious activity. Then there’s the number of people who are inconvenienced  by the checkpoints themselves. Add to that the people who are out driving on the rest of the roads that do not have as many patrols because of the number of officers needed to man a checkpoint, and you get some real problems. can help [...]

Thanksgiving DUI in Las Vegas Ruins the Holiday

By | 2016-11-25T15:34:47-07:00 November 25th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Online Legal Services|Tags: , |

Thanksgiving is a day of celebration, for most people living in the United States of America, anyway. It is a day abounding with the Three Fs: food, family and football. While the roots of Thanksgiving may be somewhat less glowing and uniformly happy than most of us realize, that’s also how history works in a lot of ways. Regardless of what it was or wasn’t, it is now what it is: a feast and a long weekend of celebration. Of course for some they head straight from being thankful for what they have to throwing punches in the line to check out during Black Friday sales events, but that also is another story. However, there are also those of us who like to celebrate with a little alcohol as well as our food on Thanksgiving (most adults are probably in this category). Police have a tendency of setting up DUI checkpoints in Las Vegas for this very reason, since there are a number of Las Vegas vehicle accidents related to it. That almost always lends itself to at least a few people getting arrested for driving under the influence in Nevada on an otherwise celebratory evening. This is a truly [...]

Presidential Debate Traffic Could Mean More Las Vegas DUI Arrests

By | 2016-10-11T01:48:04-07:00 October 11th, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , , |

Watch out driving anywhere near the university in the afternoon and evening of October 19th. Extra police presence is likely to bring in additional officers looking for any suspicious or illegal activity on the roads. That includes things like speeding or suspected DUI in Las Vegas. Also watch out for traffic jams that could additionally cause you to want to or even need to speed around to try to find your way through. And that, friends, is because on October 19, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, will be hosting a presidential debate. The debate will be held at the Thomas and Mack Center. The issues with traffic flow and perhaps more saliently the Secret Service closures of roads to allow “protected” individuals to get through to and from the debate center. From the Las Vegas Metro Press Release: “This event will cause periodic restrictions on Las Vegas valley roadways. Closures are anticipated to occur intermittently between the hours of 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. in the following areas: I-15 Southbound from Sahara Ave. to I-215 Eastbound through the airport connector (tunnel) to Russell Rd. Russell Rd. Eastbound and Westbound from McCarran International Airport to Maryland Pkwy. Maryland Pkwy. Northbound [...]

Las Vegas DUIs Lead to Deportation

By | 2016-05-17T23:28:55-07:00 May 17th, 2016|Categories: DUI|Tags: , , , |

What’s it worth to have a Las Vegas DUI charge dropped? It depends a lot on who you are. For everybody, it’s worth a pretty good amount. Amount of what, you ask? Amount of everything, for starters. Fines and court penalties and insurance increases and more can add up to significant costs right up front. Then there’s time – how much time it takes to deal with a charge for driving under the influence. How much time it takes to go to court and classes. How much time it can take if you get your license suspended or revoked and you have to take a bus or walk or bicycle, and let’s not even get started on how the summer months can go waiting at a bus stop or pedaling around on a bicycle. If you’ve gotten DUI in Las Vegas and want to fight it online, is the place to visit. We can make serious changes to how a DUI charge affects your life, or not – we’ll handle it so it’s as easy, quick, cheap, and overall painless as possible. For some people though, a DUI goes above and beyond the normal level of hassle. For these [...]

Police Ticket of 300 People in Nevada and California

By | 2016-03-26T00:48:14-07:00 March 26th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , , |

The Nevada Highways Patrol went on a speeding and other ticket giving spree today. They had help from the California Highway Patrol for this fine dispensing bonanza, along with officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Henderson Police Department. It was a regular flock of law enforcement, and all aimed at making spring break a little more expensive for some people. The focus of the enforcement zone was along interstate 15, which we suppose is why the California Highway Patrol was involved. If you were giving a speeding ticket in Nevada as part of this special enforcement period and focus, can help. Our completely online system connects you with a top attorney who will handle your Las Vegas traffic ticket for you totally online in most cases. We’ll get you the best outcome for your ticket possible – thrown out, or smaller plea deal, for example – and we’ll handle everything for you. You don’t need to come to our offices or go to Las Vegas traffic court, we can take care of the vast majority of cases over the internet with a small, clearly labeled set of final documents to sign. It doesn’t seem from [...]

Las Vegas DUI Checkpoints for Super Bowl Sunday

By | 2016-02-07T15:31:54-07:00 February 7th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , |

Happy Super Bowl Day! For most Americans, this is a fun, fun day. The whole season has boiled down to this: the two best teams, or the two teams that outlasted their injuries and willed their ways through to the end. Maybe your favorite team is in the big game, or maybe one of your most hated which gives you the fire to watch the game with that extra little something. For many people, it’s just a party – they may not be the biggest football fans, but this is a day of fun – people have parties, bars and restaurants have parties, casinos have parties to out do each other with the biggest, wildest, most celebrity filled party. If your favorite team or your favorite nemesis team isn’t in the big game, there’s still the commercials, which rarely fail to disappoint. But, be wary. Especially if you have no stake in the game and are just free to party, have a safe way home. Take a taxi, have a friend who wasn’t drinking drive you home, Uber, whatever it is, be careful. For starters, you don’t want to cause a Las Vegas vehicle accident. It’s a real concern if [...]

Las Vegas DUI News for Former County Commissioner

By | 2016-01-18T03:17:31-07:00 January 18th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News|Tags: , |

The Cowboy Commissioner is in Las Vegas DUI news again, which is really not news to any who follow Las Vegas traffic law issue like we do at It’s probably not surprising to many people that the news this time is regarding his driving under the influence in Las Vegas charge stemming from a car crash he was involved in in December of last year. That former Clark County Commissioner, one Tom Collins by reputation and Clarence Weldon Collins Jr. by birth certificate, not at all unknown in the courts and law enforcement system of Southern Nevada towns as well as the highway patrol, and not, shall we say, just for being a Clark County Commissioner. Former Commissioner Collins has been in trouble with the law publically at least since a reckless driving charge back in the early nineties. He’s had livestock allegedly escape and injure people, there’s a famous incident with firearms as well. Collins pleaded “no contest” to these recent charges. That’s a phrase, a piece of legal jargon, that isn’t much used on popular depictions of the law. We understand why, of course – there’s no drama in a confusing term that means usually means we [...]

Woman Attacks Man Facing Trial For Las Vegas DUI Death Of Her Son

By | 2016-01-06T10:20:05-07:00 January 6th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News|Tags: , , |

Las Vegas DUI accidents can have repercussions beyond just the immediate accident, and the injuries and deaths that are caused. After the accident, surviving family members of those killed and caregivers of those who are injured in Clark County driving while intoxicated accidents. The mother of a man that was killed in a DUI accident in Las Vegas recently attacked the driver of the car that killed her son, when both were at the courthouse of Clark County for a court hearing. The woman who was arrested and convicted of battering the driver in the accident, 64-year-old Lindona Thompson, plead no-contest to the charges. Ms. Thompson received a fine of $100 and must go to classes to help her control her impulses. Ms. Thompson must also not get in trouble with police for the next 90 days and if she does, the charges against her will be reversed. The man attacked by Ms. Thompson, Gary Adair, was not significantly hurt in the attack, by the woman who is 5’ 2” and has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Ms. Thompson was facing a fine of up to $1000 and could have been sent to jail for six months. The man, Gary [...]

Las Vegas Drunk Driving Deaths Decline In 2015

By | 2016-01-05T11:05:51-07:00 January 5th, 2016|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News|Tags: , , |

Drunk driving deaths in the Silver State continue to fall. The decline in 2015 from 2014 was nearly 25%. 61 people died from Las Vegas drunk driving accidents and accidents across Nevada in 2015. in 2014, 81 people died from drunk driving accidents. From 2013 to 2014 drunk driving accidents in Nevada fell 40%. Non-profits that fights drunk driving in the Silver State are predicting that the rise of ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber will help to bring down drunk driving accidents even more moving forward. When someone who is drinking calls a taxi, there is little feedback as to when the taxi will arrive. Ridesharing services that are contacted via a mobile application have a second by second update to the arrival time of the vehicle you have requested. By constantly updating the potential drunk driver, they may be dissuaded from getting behind the wheel and committing a Clark County DUI. Even though Southern Nevada DWI and other drunk driving deaths are falling across the state, MADD is also pushing for the Nevada legislature to increase penalties for driving drunk. At this time, a first time drunk driving conviction in the Silver State brings with it a misdemeanor [...]

Appeal Set For Las Vegas Assemblyman Convicted of Driving While Intoxicated

By | 2015-12-27T15:30:28-07:00 December 27th, 2015|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News|Tags: , , |

The appeal for a Las Vegas Assemblyman’s DUI guilty verdict has been set for late January, 2016. The Democrat, Richard Carrillo was booked for a DUI on Friday, February 27th, during the last legislative session in the Silver State’s capitol, Carson City. Mr. Carrillo was not booked for Las Vegas DUI, instead, Carson City DUI. Mr. Carrillo’s conviction is being handled in the Clark County court because his attorney contends that no hard evidence exists that the Democratic Assemblyman was actually committing a DUI offense at the time of his arrest. The Clark County legislator was only sitting in the front seat of his vehicle at the time of his arrest, he was not operating the vehicle, although the key was in the on position in the ignition. The engine was running, Assemblyman Carrillo attests, in order for him to keep himself warm. Since the Assemblyman was not actually driving the car at the time, his legal team attests that he should not have been convicted. The Southern Nevada legislator’s appeal is being based on a 1989 case before the Supreme Court of Nevada. In the case, a person found sleeping in a vehicle cannot be assumed to actually be [...]

Las Vegas DUI Checkpoint Held On December 16th

By | 2015-12-26T11:59:47-07:00 December 26th, 2015|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Marijuana DUI, Speeding|Tags: , , |

A mid-December DUI mitigation event was recently held by Las Vegas police and other local police departments. At the Wednesday, December 16th Las Vegas DUI checkpoint 11 were arrested for driving while intoxicated. Over 4,500 drivers passed through the checkpoint that was held at the intersection of Charleston Blvd and Arlington Ave. 33 people who passed through the DUI checkpoint were tested for Clark County driving while intoxicated. The checkpoint was set up on the eastern side of Las Vegas. Funding for the checkpoint was provided by a grant for Enforcing Laws applying to underage drinking. One of the objectives for the checkpoint was to increase awareness of local police departments’ efforts to curb drunk driving in Southern Nevada. The checkpoint was held from 7:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. The area selected for the DUI checkpoint was chosen because the area has a high number of suspected drivers who were operating their vehicles intoxicated and a large number of automobile accidents. Drunk and drugged driving by adults, teenagers and even older Nevadans who hadn’t gotten into accidents were the targets of the drunk driving checkpoint. The Las Vegas police department and other area police agencies are focused on reducing Southern [...]

Man, 35, Arrested For Las Vegas DUI Accident In Death of Moped Driver

By | 2015-12-25T17:38:42-07:00 December 25th, 2015|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Speeding|Tags: , , |

A North Las Vegas DUI accident involving a moped and a hit and run driver has resulted in the death of a Las Vegas resident. The man killed in the accident, 24-year old Thomas Phillips was on Las Vegas Blvd. headed south at approximately 9:00 p.m. on the 19th of December, a Saturday. The man arrested for driving while intoxicated in Clark County is David Coleman, 35. Accident investigators from the Las Vegas police have also determined that Mr. Coleman was travelling at excessive speed at the time of the crash. In the aftermath of the accident, Mr. Coleman also apparently fled the scene from the crash. He was arrested by another area police agency after fleeing the scene and the arresting officers were able to detain Mr. Coleman with little excessive force. Ambulance determined that Mr. Phillips was dead at the scene of the crash. Police have also impounded Mr. Phillips Toyota Camry that he was driving at the time of the crash. By early December. 2015 had shown a 9% decline in Southern Nevada DWI fatalities in proportion to the number of alcohol involved accidents in 2014. While 2014 had 25 alcohol fatalities by early December, 2015 had [...]

Motorcyclist Killed In Las Vegas DUI Accident

By | 2015-12-20T19:46:46-07:00 December 20th, 2015|Categories: DUI, General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News|Tags: , , |

A driver of a pickup truck on Friday December 18th, has been cited in the death of a motorcyclist in a Las Vegas DUI accident. The man on the motorcycle, Brandon Degrella, a Las Vegas resident, was headed west on Elkorn Rd just after 3:30 p.m. when a Dodge Ram pickup truck cut him off and turned left into traffic headed the 2016 Ram’s way on Red Cinder St. The motorcyclist smashed into the Dodge pickups right hand side. Emergency responders after checking Mr. Degrella’s vital signs pronounced his death at the scene of the accident. Coroners for Clark County are performing an autopsy in order to determine the motorcyclist’s cause of death. The 2016 Dodge’s driver, Erik Provencal, 49, was taken by police officers who responded to the Clark County driving while intoxicated accident for comprehensive blood alcohol testing. Mr. Provencal’s bail is still pending. Mr. Degrella, 21, had a helmet on with a face plate that obscured and protected his entire face at the time of the crash. Mr. Degrella’s death has been listed as the 119th fatal Las Vegas automobile accident of 2015. Police investigators have not released who was at fault in the crash. A February [...]

Local Hospital Hosts Las Vegas DUI Mitigation Event For Area Teenagers

By | 2015-12-15T22:17:42-07:00 December 15th, 2015|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News|Tags: , , |

In 2015, so far, there have been 116 deaths due to Las Vegas automobile accidents. Nearly 25% of those accidents are because one of the drivers involved was driving while intoxicated in Clark County. To combat these deaths and the even more injuries, University Hospital invited Las Vegas high school teenagers to an anti-drunk driving event. The students got a first hand look at the effects of Las Vegas DUI. First responders were at the event to show the teenagers the tragic consequences of driving while intoxicated. Also speaking at the event were the surviving family members of those killed by drunk drivers. One mom, Krystal Hill told the teens about the death of Jesse Hill, her son, who was killed by a drunk driver while on a walk with his girlfriend. The young couple were walking together in the middle of the day - with daylight shining. In the DUI accident, not only was Mr. Hill killed, but also his girlfriend, Anne Ricci suffered such serious injuries that she now suffers from significant memory loss and other injuries. The young girl even had to relearn how to walk. First responders and even trauma surgeons from the hospital explained to [...]

Former Clark County Politician Arrested For Las Vegas DUI

By | 2015-12-14T10:32:20-07:00 December 14th, 2015|Categories: DUI, Local News|Tags: , , |

DUIs can happen to anyone - regular Joes, celebrities and even current or former politicians. One politician, a former commissioner of Clark County, was involved in a Las Vegas automobile accident due to Las Vegas DUI on Friday, December 11th. The former politicians, who goes by the name Tom Collins but who is legally named Clarence Collins Jr. was in an accident that caused someone to be hurt at approximately 7:00 p.m. The accident happened at Flamingo Rd. and Koval Ln. Mr. Collins was placed under arrest just before 8:00 p.m. At approximately 5:00 p.m., Collins tweeted that his followers should head to the rodeo which was at the UNLV arena. His twitter account also shows that he had been at the rodeo on Thursday evening with his mother. The UNLV arena is approximately just over one mile from where Mr. Collins Clark County driving while intoxicated arrest and accident happened. Former commissioner Collins had resigned his post in 2015 after first being elected in 2005. His resignation letter to the Silver State’s governor, Brian Sandoval, cited family reasons for his resignation although Mr. Collins had recently announced that he planned to run for the mayor of Las Vegas seat [...]

Man Arrested For Las Vegas DUI Accident Killing Girl, 16

By | 2015-12-09T22:17:17-07:00 December 9th, 2015|Categories: DUI|Tags: , , |

The details of the arrest of a man accused of Las Vegas DUI and a hit and run accident in which a teenaged girl was killed have come to light. The accident that killed the girl, 16, happened on November 24th and the teen killed in the accident was named Bobbie Grayson. After hitting Ms. Grayson, the man who had been allegedly drunk driving, Anthony Lauria, 28, fled the scene of the crash. Las Vegas police used forensic evidence like tire tracks to find the automobile that had hit and killed the teenager. When police officers finally found Mr. Lauria, he had glass shards from his automobile in his hair. Police also noted that Mr. Lauria smelled like he had been drinking although they also noted that Mr. Lauria had no recollection of the crash. Mr. Lauria also had text messages on his phone where he admitted to driving while intoxicated. Once tested by police for intoxication, Mr. Lauria’s blood alcohol percentage was found to be over triple the limit for driving safely in the Silver State. Mr. Lauria is facing driving while intoxicated while causing death and leaving the scene of an accident charges. Ms. Grayson’s family plans to [...]

DUI Advocacy Group Works To Reduce Las Vegas Drunk Driving

By | 2015-12-08T11:14:15-07:00 December 8th, 2015|Categories: DUI|Tags: , , |

Even though Las Vegas DUI accident have decreased over the past few years, those advocating for sober driving are working to increase awareness of driving while intoxicated in Clark County. The advocates have begun putting signs along highway 157 to represent everyone killed in DUI accidents. The signs are memorials for 63 people who died in automobile accidents. Every one of the signs has the name of a person who died in a DUI accident and the group that set up the signs did so with the expressed permission of the person’s surviving relatives. If you have gotten a DUI in Las Vegas, can help you fight or fix the citation. Southern Nevada DWI fatalities have significantly fallen since the mid-1980s. This year, fatalities from drunk driving will represent 30% of the deaths on Southern Nevada roads. In comparison, 67% of the deaths in Silver State accidents were due to driving while intoxicated in 1985. Route 157 was chosen by Stop DUI because for a long time, the highway was considered one of the Silver State’s most dangerous - with at least 17 driving while intoxicated deaths each year. As laws began to be strengthened against drunk driving in [...]

Man Speaks Out After Being Injured In Las Vegas DUI Accident

By | 2015-11-20T20:53:55-07:00 November 20th, 2015|Categories: DUI, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News|Tags: , , |

When Marko Kustudia went on his daily morning walk, he didn’t expect to be involved in a Las Vegas DUI accident that left another man dead and him hospitalized with serious injuries. Mr. Kustudia was walking on October 7th, when he saw the sunrise illuminate the Las Vegas valley and then was shockingly bathed in headlights, as an automobile began to bear down on him. Mr. Kustudia was walking on Maryland Pkwy, in the vicinity of Gehring Elementary School, which is at the nearby intersection of Gary Ave and Richmar Ave. The other man hit in the Clark County driving under the influence crash was 78-year old Richard Bryan. The accident happened early in the day, at approximately 7:00 a.m. Mr. Bryan was pronounced dead right where the accident happened. 75-year old Mr. Kustudia was rushed to the hospital, in serious pain, with his injuries. As Mr. Kustudia continue to heal from his Las Vegas automobile injuries, he and his wife are stricken with worry about the cost of the medical bills he is accruing. In the accident, Mr. Kustudia suffered a broken ankle, spine and neck. Now, as he attempts to heal, Mr. Kustudia will live a life with [...]

UNLV Point Guard Arrested For Las Vegas DUI

By | 2015-11-10T19:33:02-07:00 November 10th, 2015|Categories: DUI, Speeding|Tags: , , |

A Las Vegas DUI arrest has UNLV’s men’s basketball team taking the court down a key part of their squad. Daquan Cook, who plays guard for the Rebels spent much of last season injured and unable to play. Mr. Cook was arrested on Sunday, November 1st for Clark County driving while intoxicated. Las Vegas Metro police have not released information on the arrest. Mr. Cook has been suspended for the first 13 contests in UNLV’s season. These games are non-conference games for the Las Vegas basketball team. Mr. Cook’s suspension will be re-evaluated once the thirteen games have been played. Mr. Cook released a statement via the coach of the UNLV Men’s basketball players, accepting responsibility for the arrest. Playing time for Mr. Cook this season was already forecast to be limited, due to the fact that two other players, Jalen Poyser, a freshman, and Jerome Seagears, a senior, are ahead of Mr. Cook on the team’s depth chart. In addition to the two point guards ahead of Mr. Cook, Patrick McCaw, a shooting guard, will also play point guard in the 2015-2016 season. Mr. Cook will need to earn a spot in the team’s rotation by participating in practice. [...]