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Las Vegas work zone

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More Las Vegas work zone speeding tickets coming

By | 2017-02-04T23:00:28-07:00 February 4th, 2017|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , , |

Remember to breathe deeply. Go to the bathroom before you leave. Don’t drink too many fluids on the drive. Have calming music, headphones or a Bluetooth so that you can make phone calls safely and legally, a snack, and some patience. More and more and even more road work is coming to Las Vegas, and it’s going to make the traffic problems we have already faced due to road construction look like child’s play. All of this is part of a broader project, Project Neon, that aims to cut down on traffic around the Las Vegas valley. But in the meantime, it will mean more traffic, as lanes are closed to allow for the construction. Above all, remember that Las Vegas speeding tickets will double in these work zones. There will be more officers checking speed, and out there to give you a work zone speeding ticket and ruin your day. It’s hard to not drive faster when you can when traffic is bad, because you have to get where you’re going. But it can be expensive. However, you can fight your Las Vegas work zone speeding ticket online with if you need to. We will make the ticket [...]

Nevada DOT Warns of Dangerous Driving in Las Vegas Consturction Zones

By | 2012-04-23T17:36:23-07:00 April 23rd, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Road Rules, Technology and the LAW|Tags: , , , , |

The Department of Transportation here in Nevada is tasked with an extensive list of duties. It builds, plans, operates and maintains the Silver State’s one thousand bridges and fifty four hundred miles of highways. The state is separated into three districts, each managed by a District Engineer who is responsible for traffic safety in that entire geographical area. In its function of operating Nevada’s highways and bridges, the Nevada DOT conducts awareness campaigns throughout the year. Not only does the department issue press releases about highway and off ramp closures but also works with local municipalities and counties to create traffic safety programs. Some of these programs include announcements to warn motorists of the spring migration of animals, others are to combat traffic incidents that are statistically on the rise, such as pedestrian safety. Last week, the Nevada DOT began its awareness program to warn motorists of the dangers of speeding in construction zones – in coordination with the national awareness week for work zones. If you have a Las Vegas work zone violation ticket, and wish to fight or fix it online, log onto today for a free legal consultation. Getting a ticket in a Nevada work zone [...]