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Torrentail Rains Plague Las Vegas Drivers

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Southern Nevada is a desert. Our dry weather and desert heat means mild winters, pleasant springs and very hot summers. Occasionally, shifting weather patterns create weeks of strangely cold or rainy weather across Clark County. Unfortunately, due to our normally mild weather, many Las Vegans lack the knowledge and skill to be able to safely drive in the rain. In addition, severe weather changes many traffic rules – Nevada Revised Statute 484B.603 states that during inclement weather, it is the duty of the driver to decrease their driving speed. If you have been ticketed to for driving in Las Vegas speeding in the rain, log onto to fight or fix your ticket. Las Vegas drivers unfamiliar with the safety issues of driving in the rain should take note of these tips. First and foremost, when it rains, drivers should slow down. Water on pavement significantly reduces your tires’ traction. Heavy rains on roads in areas that don’t normally receive large amounts of precipitation often release a large volume of oil, making roads even slipperier. When traveling on highways, avoid outer lanes where puddles that can cause hydroplaning can form. Increase the distance between your vehicle and any in front [...]