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Speeding Tickets in Las Vegas Push Nevada To Poor Driving Rank

By | 2016-08-19T22:25:05-07:00 August 19th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Speeding|Tags: , |

Speeding tickets in Nevada are part of why many rankings have Nevada as one of the worst states for driving. Or rather, this helps us hit the ranking for some of the worst drivers out there, across the country. Does that sound right to you? Depends in part on how you measure it, as with everything. Yes, there are a lot of issues on Nevada roads. Las Vegas and the rest of the valley have some serious issues with accidents, speeding tickets, driving under the influence, and any number of other issues. But in some part, we’re a victim of others. While many states have bad drivers just by virtue of being bad drivers, Las Vegas gets everyone else’s bad drivers. And we get them on vacation, without a care in the world, in a rental car, not knowing where they are going. That’s right, we said it: a part of our bad rating has to be from the tourists. Look, we’re Las Vegas traffic ticket attorneys. We get it as much or probably more than anyone. Las Vegans have their share of speeding tickets to fight online and we help them with it. knows the numbers because we [...]

Rankings Leave Out Nevada Traffic Tickets

By | 2016-06-14T23:48:50-07:00 June 14th, 2016|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , |

What’s the best state to drive in? For anyone who has recently gotten a traffic ticket in Nevada, the answer is probably “somewhere else.” True probably no matter where you get a traffic ticket -- nobody, nobody likes getting a traffic ticket. But truly, beyond just personal and incidental temporal reasoning, it is interesting to see rankings of where the best and worst places to drive are, even if just to refine our own ideas and come up with our own ranking systems based on the flaws we see in others’ methodology. A recent ranking of all 50 states was recently released by This online car insurance provider had some very interesting ranking systems that are not necessarily totally on board with for various reasons, including that the Nevada traffic tickets were not included in the rankings. Here’s what was included: Insurance -- Percent car insurance is of median household income Uninsured drivers -- Estimated percent of uninsured drivers Traffic fatalities -- Annual traffic deaths per 100,000 population Roads -- Percent of roads in poor/mediocre condition Bridges -- Percent of bridges deemed structurally deficient Repair costs -- Estimated extra cost of car repair due to driving on bad roads Gas -- Average price of a [...]

Police Step Up Las Vegas Speeding Tickets in January

By | 2016-01-09T00:48:51-07:00 January 9th, 2016|Categories: Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , |

This January is apparently not the time to speed in Southern Nevada. Not that any time really is, but, as any driver will tell you, some times are better than others. We have it on good authority, now, though, that you’re much more likely to get a Las Vegas speeding ticket this January than perhaps at many other times due to the so called “Slow Down” campaign that has the Nevada Highway Patrol ramping up its efforts to catch and ticket motorists and issue speeding tickets. According to this news report, the efforts may be focused on the state line – so be extra careful if you’re heading to California. Where it may be especially noticed is in visitor traffic, as motorists are popped with a Nevada speeding ticket as they cross the line (pun very much intended) heading toward Las Vegas for a fun weekend or conference from Southern California. There are places where the speed limit drops, and you can be sure that that is where they will look for you, in that they will be holding what are often called “speed traps” by those who are caught in them. The police are engaging in this effort, per [...]

Uber and Las Vegas Traffic Tickets

By | 2014-10-24T08:51:58-07:00 October 24th, 2014|Categories: Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , , , , , , |

Uber is coming to Las Vegas, it seems. If you’re not familiar with Uber, you’re probably not alone. A smartphone app that is popular in many big cities, you would only know it if you are someone plugged into that scene, or perhaps had lived or spent significant time in San Francisco, New York, or a few other cities it services. If you’re unfamiliar with what a smartphone or tablet app is, you may want to google the term and read up a little before heading any farther. The Uber app is paid ride sharing. The app connects you with a private driver who will give you a ride from where you are to wherever you’re going next for a prearranged fee. The app maker keeps twenty percent, and the driver keeps the rest.  One of the interesting things, and what got us here at interested, is the qualifications for drivers. The must carry insurance and have a spotless record with law enforcement to be licensed as an Uber driver. Now, we don’t know exactly what “spotless” means to Uber yet, since they’re new. But if it means not have any Las Vegas traffic tickets on your record, this [...]

Las Vegas News – license suspended for not paying traffic ticket

By | 2014-10-17T21:28:10-07:00 October 17th, 2014|Categories: General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Speeding, Traffic Ticket|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Don’t be Dwight Howard. We’re not talking any of the negative things that are sometimes said about his basketball play, particularly his free throws. He’s not a shooter, ok? He’s not the guy that’s a threat anywhere on the floor he gets the ball, he’s not James or Durant or Duncan. He’s still a great player, league leader in rebounds, top stats in other areas. But we digress – our point was not to talk about his basketball game. Where you don’t want to be like him is how you deal with traffic tickets. In Las Vegas news on traffic tickets, here’s Howard, getting his license suspended because he didn’t pay a fine. Dwight Howard, ladies and gentlemen, could have used the service that people use in Las Vegas to handle traffic tickets online easily, quickly, and inexpensively: With you don’t have to do any of the things that Dwight Howard forgot to do. You just don’t have to deal with it. And you certainly don’t have to deal with what Howard has to deal with now, which certainly includes going to traffic court. With you don’t have to leave your house to deal with your Las [...]

Good Resource for Traffic Ticket Info in Las Vegas

By | 2014-10-04T00:57:25-07:00 October 4th, 2014|Categories: General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Traffic Ticket|Tags: , , , , , , |

One frequent web page that those wishing to avoid speeding and traffic tickets in Las Vegas should bookmark and visit frequently is the View page of the Las Vegas Review Journal. The Area Briefings that they often put out can give you a lot of helpful information about where construction is taking place that could either slow you down, get you caught for the double penalty of speeding in a work zone, or both. There is also information in there about many other useful tidbits for those of us interested in recent occurrences or upcoming issues with traffic law and traffic enforcement. If you’re saddled with a Las Vegas traffic ticket and want to fight it online, visit for the hands down easiest, quickest, and most cost effective place to do that on the web. The Area Briefing has a lot of info that would be familiar to regular readers of this blog. Things like recent traffic enforcement numbers, stories of traffic violations or the number of people caught in particular enforcement stings, you name it. For instance, it highlighted a recent crackdown done by the Henderson Police Department, in conjunction with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, that [...]

Candidate Wants All Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Thrown Out

By | 2014-09-30T00:12:30-07:00 September 30th, 2014|Categories: General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

There is good news for those among us who just can’t seem to stay away from traffic tickets. Whether it’s from speeding or running a red light or a cell phone violation (or more), one candidate for Clark County District Attorney wants to have the DA’s office drop charges in Las Vegas traffic tickets where no property was damaged and no one was hurt. That would be good news for anyone staring down the barrel of a traffic ticket they can’t afford to pay, whether it be the money, the points on their license, or the hit to their insurance premium that comes with a traffic conviction. Before you get your hopes up, though, a dash of cold water: according to political handicappers, this candidate, Jim Duensing, appears to have very little chance of winning the race. A Libertarian, Mr. Duensing is said to have virtually no money, political backing, or hope of prevailing in current the current district attorney, Democrat Steve Wolfson, in heavily Democratic Clark County. That’s why you need When the candidate who wants to throw out your Clark County traffic ticket has very little chance of becoming district attorney, you need an actual traffic attorney [...]

More Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Called For by Newspaper

By | 2014-06-08T02:24:02-07:00 June 8th, 2014|Categories: General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Traffic Arrest Warrants, Traffic Tickets Espanol|Tags: , , , , , , |

It seems like clockwork that another newspaper editorial would have come out recently asking how we can eliminate or reduce the number of traffic accidents on our streets. Upping enforcement and handing out more traffic tickets in Las Vegas Metro’s area is one idea proposed, as is master planning of communities. Other problems identified and listed in blocks that are too long and should be shortened, the addition of more pedestrian walk ways, more police officers to carry out the extra enforcement listed above, and that more accountability should be taken and given. The article calls out certain efforts that have been put into place to lower the number of accidents in Las Vegas. In lieu of the ability to hire more officers, for a variety of reasons, Metro Police have shifted enforcement strategies. They’ve deprioritized sending officers to take statements and do official reports on car accidents in Las Vegas that don’t initially present with injuries. Laws have been enacted to combat distracted driving which is a definite cause of accidents and pedestrian injuries such as banning texting and talking while driving in Nevada and giving cell phone tickets out for it. It was even made a primary offense, meaning you can [...]

Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Up Significantly

By | 2014-05-15T23:54:30-07:00 May 15th, 2014|Categories: Online Legal Services, Running a Red Light, Speeding, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , |

If you feel like you’ve seen more police stopping people and issuing Las Vegas traffic tickets in recent weeks and months, it’s not just your imagination. Perhaps you’ve been unlucky enough to be issued a traffic ticket, in which case you know for sure they’re out there in force. If you’re like many people out there, you’ll want to fight your Las Vegas traffic citation online, and is the best way you can do that. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, the details of this sharp increase in Clark County traffic tickets. As with anything, it’s impossible to make a causal link between two things, just because one happened immediately following the other. Even if the principal actors in the situation say a thing is one way does not mean that it is. Here’s what we know: year over year, Las Vegas traffic tickets in March jumped by almost 50 percent. That’s a huge leap. This was right around the time that the Las Vegas Metro Police made the policing change to no longer send patrol cars automatically out to Las Vegas car accidents where no injury was immediate reported. A lieutenant from the police force [...]

Foot Patrols, Different Las Vegas Traffic Tickets

By | 2014-03-22T23:47:36-07:00 March 22nd, 2014|Categories: Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , , |

We may be learning at least a part of what Metro is doing with its reallocation of staff resources following the controversial decision to stop sending officers to non-injury accidents. What they’re doing may actually lower the number of Las Vegas traffic tickets that they are handing out. Bear with us a moment on that. According to recent news in Las Vegas, cops are going to be getting out of their vehicles more. New policing strategies has the uniformed metro officers who are often handing out Clark County traffic tickets instead hopping out of their vehicles and walking around and talking to people for forty five minute stretches. This is both a community policing and a hot spot centric enforcement strategy. While many crimes are committed by the same small group of criminals, the same holds true for places. A recent study showed that 95% of crime takes place in 5 percent of a particular region. So instead of focusing on individuals, police will be patrolling by vehicle then stopping and hopping out and walking around talking to people and checking things out for 45 minutes. What does that mean for traffic tickets in Las Vegas? Well, it could mean [...]

Avoiding a Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas Can Be Dangerous

By | 2013-09-26T11:42:12-07:00 September 26th, 2013|Categories: General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services, Speeding|Tags: , , , , |

It will be little surprise to anyone that young people get bored more easily than older people. Very few people would need a scientific study to believe this fact, they would tell you they see it every day in every place they can think of – young people can’t sit still, can’t focus on something as long, etc. Old timers might tell you that it’s because of video games or technology or drugs or bad parenting or society, but this has likely been the case always, “I walked uphill to school 10 miles both ways in the snow and get off my awn” sentiments aside. It’s a part of the DNA, likely as not, and younger bodies and younger minds and how they work. And a new study, that shines a light on speeding in Las Vegas, says that having less to occupy the mind means young people are more likely to be drowsy or have slow reactions times associate with fatigue. The study looked at use of cruise control, and how it could be used to prevent getting speeding tickets in Southern Nevada. If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket in Southern Nevada and need a lawyer to fight it, [...]

Checkpoints for DUI in Las Vegas

By | 2013-07-15T23:07:25-07:00 July 15th, 2013|Categories: DUI, Illegal Driving, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Sometimes, you get to hear about checkpoints for DUI in Nevada a long way in advance. Police will sometimes give a heads up to local media who often times publish it some length of time ahead of time. If you happen to see this news, you may be able to avoid a DUI in Las Vegas  by simply avoiding the area if you’ve had just barely too much to drink. However, often times we do not see these media reports, or are just pulled over by an officer outside of the checkpoint area for one reason or another. If you have gotten a DUI in Clark County, whether it was from a DUI checkpoint or not, can help. Visit our website to connect with a top lawyer who can take care of your case without you even having to go personally to court. One of the recent checkpoints for DUI in Las Vegas, predictably, was over the holiday weekend surrounding the Fourth of July, or Independence Day Weekend if you prefer. Many different law enforcement forces joined up to set up various checkpoints for DUI in Southern Nevada. The Traffic Bureau of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was [...]

Update: Police issue more than 500 tickets in Southern Nevada

By | 2013-04-16T22:46:34-07:00 April 16th, 2013|Categories: DUI, General Ticket Info, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , |

Southern Nevada Police, in a task force made up of members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force, the police department of Henderson, Nevada, Nevada Highway Patrol, and North Las Vegas, have been stepping up enforcement of so called “minor” traffic violations in Southern Nevada over recent weeks. In a previous post, we wrote about how this task force of police officers from the various Southern Nevada police departments and the Nevada Highway Patrol were staking out busy intersections and issuing speeding tickets in Southern Nevada for running red lights, speeding, distracted driving, and myriad other smaller traffic citations. If you are given any kind of traffic ticket in the Las Vegas area, visit We can help you deal with almost any traffic citation quickly, easily, and painlessly. As part of this recent crackdown, it was reported that police from the various departments who make up this task force issued over 500 traffic tickets in Southern Nevada on a recent Wednesday, to people who were speeding, using cell phones while driving, driving distractedly in any other capacity, and even jaywalking. This was just in the area between Rainbow Boulevard and Interstate 15, where the task force was focusing that [...]

Nevada Elderly Drivers Surpass National Average in Traffic Fatalities

By | 2012-02-22T19:07:28-07:00 February 22nd, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, Elderly Driver, General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News, Road Rules|Tags: , , , , |

Unfortunately, as we get older our vision and decision making ability begins to fall. While driving, approximately 85% of the information used to pilot a vehicle comes from the eyes. In particular, night vision drastically reduces as you age. A person’s peripheral vision also declines as they get older. These factors are not helped when an older driver’s concentration and reaction times also deteriorate. All of this can lead to confusion when an older driver enters a congested intersection or needs to make drastic decisions behind the wheel. If you are an older driver, who has been cited after a Las Vegas automobile accident, contact to fight or fix your ticket today. Health factors can also reduce the safety of an elderly driver. Arthritis can make quick emergency movements extremely painful. Stroke or Parkinson’s disease can also negatively a person’s driving ability. Deteriorating vision can be a compounding factor from diabetes. Finally, many medications, both prescription and over-the-counter can have a negative effect on reaction time. If you are elderly, it is important to get annual vision checks for road safety reasons. If your Las Vegas traffic accident was due to old age, and you were ticketed, can [...]

Will Las Vegas Ever Release A Breakdown of Revenues From Traffic Citation?

By | 2012-02-20T17:35:08-07:00 February 20th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Technology and the LAW|Tags: , , , , , |

Los Angeles area city, Glendora, CA recently released a breakdown of the revenue they collect from traffic fines. In an effort to show greater transparency, the Southern California city illustrated how they did not profit from traffic tickets written by their police force. In fact, Glendora’s breakdown shows how much traffic enforcement actually costs the municipality. Glendora’s police chief even went on to say that traffic enforcement is done to improve safety and ensure the roads are safe for the citizens of the municipality. If you have been cited for a Las Vegas moving violation and want to fight or fix your ticket, contact While Las Vegas has not released breakdowns of their revenues and costs from the city’s traffic enforcement efforts, the municipality has worked with the web masters and Nevada licensed traffic attorneys of to develop a nearly completely online traffic ticket processing website. By eliminating the time consuming and repetitive paperwork associated with a Las Vegas traffic ticket, 24hourticketpower is often able to get our customers smaller and fines. Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles does breakdown and release how the fees it collects for registrations and licenses are allocated across the state, the Department does [...]

NV Bike Safety Law Confounds Authorities and Drivers

By | 2012-01-11T17:02:31-07:00 January 11th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, DUI, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Illegal Driving, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Since it came into effect on January first, Nevada’s ban on cell phone use while driving has gotten significant press attention.  However, this month another significant driving rule has come into focus that drivers must take note of. As of January 1 2012, when coming upon a bicyclist, Nevada drivers must move to the next left bound lane or if that is not possible, pass the bicyclist with a 3 foot space. Violators of the new Nevada law can face up to $1000 in fines and up to six months in jail. If you have been ticketed for passing too closely to a bicyclist in Las Vegas, Clark County speeding or a Henderson, NV DUI, contact us at today. Many of the more care focused Nevada jurisdictions have expressed confusion with the new Nevada bicycle law and are unsure of its efficacy and how to enforce it, preparing to focus on pedestrian safety. Bicycle safety advocacy groups, however, are increasing pressure on the Las Vegas Metro Police Department to increase enforcement. If you have been ticketed for a Southern Nevada bicycle safety infraction, a DUI in Las Vegas or for Henderson speeding, and want to fight or fix your [...]

LV Metro Police Begin Enforcing NV Cell Phone Ban

By | 2012-01-09T16:34:46-07:00 January 9th, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, DUI, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Illegal Driving, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Road Rules, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Enforcement of the Nevada cell phone ban has begun in earnest. Las Vegas Metro Police officers have issued 230 citations in the last week for the new ban against talking or texting on a cell phone while driving. While the ban took effect on October 1, 2011, Nevada police only issued warnings until January 1st, when the Nevada ban on driving while using a cell phone took effect. If you have been ticketed for using your cell phone while driving in Las Vegas, speeding in Clark County or even a DUI anywhere in the South Valleys, contact us at today. Many in Las Vegas do not support the Nevada cell phone while driving ban. Bikers of Lesser Tolerance, a libertarian and 2nd amendment advocacy group set up a protest near an intersection Las Vegas Metro Police had set up a Cell Phone While Driving enforcement check point. Las Vegas police had set up the checkpoint because the intersection, Maryland Parkway and Flamingo Road, is one of the top-10 intersections for collisions in the south valleys. If you have been ticketed for violating the Nevada cell-phone while driving ban, in Henderson for running a red light or a DUI in [...]

New NV Cell Phone Driving Ban Goes Into Effect

By | 2012-01-02T20:54:09-07:00 January 2nd, 2012|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, DUI, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Illegal Driving, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Online Legal Services, Road Rules, Technology and the LAW|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

With the coming of the New Year, Nevada’s new cell-phone law has come into effect and in our neighboring state of California, should you be pulled over without a driver’s license, the police are prohibited from impounding your automobile. These new laws show how traffic enforcement is changing across Nevada and the nation. If you have been ticketed in Las Vegas for speeding, in Clark County for a DUI or a South Valleys distracted driving. The new cellphone statute that became law on January first basically prevents Nevada drivers from speaking on a mobile phone without a headset. It increases penalties for texting while driving in Las Vegas. Should a Nevadan want to initiate a call with their mobile phone while driving he or she should have a the person’s phone number available for voice activated dialing. While it is not known if anyone in Las Vegas has been ticketed for the Nevada Cell phone ban, represents all traffic infractions. If you have gotten a DUI in Las Vegas, a reckless driving charge in Las Vegas or rolling through a stop sign in Henderson, contact us today. We at are staffed with a strong group of Nevada licensed [...]

NV Highway Construction Tickets Incurr Additional Penalties

By | 2011-12-31T16:46:56-07:00 December 31st, 2011|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, Cellphones and Visual distractions, Distraction on the Road: Texting, DUI, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services, Road Rules, Technology and the LAW, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

The Nevada Department of Transportation recently completed a highway improvement project on Highway 93 between Boulder City and the Hoover Dam Bypass. As construction has continued, speed limits were reduced on the 4-lane highway from 45 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour. This was to primary ensure the safety of the multitude of workmen finishing the project. If you have received a Las Vegas speeding ticket, a Clark County DUI or even a ticket for not using a handsfree device while driving in Henderson, contact us today. While the highway looks complete, workmen are currently finishing up many cosmetic jobs. Lines are still being drawn on pavement, guardrails are being put up and this spring a final layer of asphalt will be poured. Nevada tickets in work zones are often doubled and can even incur double points. If you have a careless driving ticket for in Southern Nevada or a reckless driving citation in Las Vegas and wish to fight or fix your ticket entirely online, contact us today. enables people who have gotten Nevada driving citations to fight and fix their tickets, often completely online without court visits. We have a well versed team of Nevada [...]

Unpaid NV Traffic Citations Yield Arrest

By | 2011-12-30T16:02:18-07:00 December 30th, 2011|Categories: Ask The Traffic Attorney, DUI, General Ticket Info, Henderson Legal News, Illegal Driving, Las Vegas Legal News, Local News, Press Release, Road Rules, Technology and the LAW, Traffic Arrest Warrants|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Recently, the son of a Southern Nevada District Court judge was arrested and charged for unpaid Las Vegas traffic warrants. The man, Michael Mosely, was arrested during a routine traffic stop when officers found he had outstanding warrants for a  misdemeanor charge of reckless driving in Nevada, Nevada vehicle registration violations, unlawful acts of financial responsibility and three South Valleys parking violations. If you have outstanding warrants in Las Vegas for speeding, Clark County DUI or even rolling through a stop sign in Henderson, contact us today. Unpaid Nevada traffic fines can result in significantly increased costs once you are finally pulled over. Las Vegas police can impound your vehicle and detain you overnight for unpaid Nevada traffic violations. In Las Vegas, driving without proper driver’s license can result in significant fines, fees and court visits. can eliminate these Nevada traffic court appearances. is designed to enable Silver State drivers to fight and fix most traffic infractions online without court visits. Our staff of licensed Nevada traffic attorneys are able to assist in any Las Vegas driving infraction, including Las Vegas failure to use due care, Southern Nevada DUIs and Clark County speeding. We even offer convenient online [...]