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Speeding in School Zone

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School Zone Tickets Start with School Starting Soon

By | 2016-08-24T00:23:27-07:00 August 24th, 2016|Categories: Speeding|Tags: , |

School starts next week, and you have to be careful. You have to be careful for any number of reasons. You have to be careful beyond the obvious reason of kids on the roadways. Remember that it’s the beginning of school. That means there is likely to be a lot of excitement. There is also going to be a whole lot of uncertainty as children dart back and forth. They’ll grab things that they forget. They will realize they’ve gone to the wrong entrance. Skateboards will catch on unfamiliar seems in the concrete at new schools. Bicycles will weave back and forth, looking for unfamiliar bike racks and going through unfamiliar roadways. Through all this, you can expect Metro Police to be monitoring everything from speed to crosswalks to lights, traffic crossing guards, you name it. Remember that school zone tickets are very, very expensive to just pay off or to try to fight on your own. Remember that lets you fight a Las Vegas school zone speeding ticket totally online in the vast majority of our cases. If it is or is close to a felony, there’s a chance you’ll have to come in to our offices. For [...]

Another Traffic Enforcement Tool May Spell More Tickets for Las Vegas Drivers

By | 2010-12-05T22:52:14-07:00 December 5th, 2010|Categories: General Ticket Info, Las Vegas Legal News, Online Legal Services, Technology and the LAW|Tags: , , , , |

Marking the headlines in Las Vegas and beyond is a second innovation in traffic ticket policy in a single week. An experimental program using enforcement cameras has yielded a huge rise in the number of drivers found to be speeding in school zones. Fines for moving violations in school zones and construction zones are often higher than elsewhere, sometimes by factors of two or three. Earlier this week, Maryland legislators considered a new policy that would expand the options available to drivers who wish to contest a traffic citation. Now, a municipality reveals that a new photo-enforcement program could result in massive increases in the number of motorists cited for speeding. The program uses speed-triggered cameras to capture the information of drivers traveling in excess of 12 MPH over the speed limit within active school zones. Police officials expected 1,000 or so violations in the first week of use, but some 800 motorists were photographed in the program's inaugural day. (During the initial period, motorists only receive warnings.) This technology may spread westward to Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. State and local governments are gearing up to tackle massive budget shortfalls in the upcoming legislative sessions, and increased enforcement of [...]