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How Does It Work?

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, & 3 to easily process your ticket.

With the use of modern technology and our ticket platform, we are able to streamline tickets and warrants with the Nevada Traffic Courts. This results in the client receiving legal representation at a significantly reduced rate. Our team of experienced criminal defense and traffic related offense attorneys are on standby and ready to address your legal needs.

Upon filling out your contact and ticket information under the “Fix My Ticket” link we will review the provided information and contact you to confirm representation. We then reset your appearance date for an attorneys session with the court.  We make the appearance for you and there’s no need for a court appearance or an office visit as everything is handled virtually over the web.

Once your ticket or warrant is adjudicated (resolved with the court) we will send you a confirming letter with the outcome and your payment instructions. Please ensure that your contact information entered under the “Fix My Ticket” link is correct.

Pay your ticket. Send payment to the court as outlined in our easy to follow payment instructions letter. It’s that simple! No insurance points! No traffic school! No waiting for hours in court!

Typical Outcomes

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