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Fix My Ticket

$50most tickets

Fix My Warrant


Fix My DUI


Don’t be fooled by the “bait and switch” pricing offered by our competitors!

Ticket representation pricing differs based on a variety of factors including the severity of the charges and the total attorney time necessary to handle the citation.

We offer the best value due to our “online services” saving labor and material costs, which we pass onto the client.

The majority of our attorney fees are $69 per violation, unless they are more serious offenses such as DUI’s and Reckless Driving.  Other Las Vegas Traffic Defense Firms may appear to offer a “cheaper” or “half priced” attorney fee, but our experience has shown those are sales tactics, and may not represent the true cost of the service. Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorneys charge a wide range of attorney’s fees to handle minor traffic tickets. Some claim to do so for $35, $45, $50, and seem to price their services lower than the competition. The sale’s techniques of car dealerships have hit the advertising legal community: bait and switch. The $50 ticket may only apply for a fix it ticket or other type of ticket.

At we have changed the game. Not only are we the most convenient and best way to handle your speeding ticket, but we have very fair pricing. We believe it is finally time for menu pricing to be the norm. As attorneys, we are regulated by the State Bar of Nevada, and the goal is to not mislead the client as to what may happen in a case, and to not mislead about the price an attorney may charge for a case. If someone says, “$45” there should not be an “*”asterisk next to the price saying: “in most cases” as this may imply they charge a heck of a lot more for more severe offenses. What you see is what you get at  do NOT guarantee results, but we can offer our opinion on what is “most probable” given our experience. We believe our website is accurately programmed with that information. Give us a try! With a few clicks, your ticket’s fixed!™


NOTICE TO OUT OF STATE/COUNTY VIOLATORS: If you fail to appear, a notice of your violation will be sent to your home state drivers license department for action and a warrant of arrest will be issued.

Visit our testimonials page to see why 24 Hour Ticket Power is the most easy and efficient legal ticket defense representation in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.